Below you will find the appropriate prerequisites, test center locations, exam fees, resources, and contact information to help you better understand all Connecticut CPA requirements. Please note that obtaining a CPA license in Connecticut may require additional qualifications including continuing education or work experience.

The data on this page was last reviewed and updated in June 2020.

CPA Exam Requirements in Connecticut


Baccalaureate degree is required
120 total semester hours
24 semester hours of accounting
22 semester hours of business

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US citizenship is not required.
Connecticut residency is not required.


NO Age Requirements.

Exam Fees:

Initial Application Fee:$135.00

*Registration fee for re-examination depends on the number of parts you are retaking. Fees are always subject to change.

Contact Information:

Connecticut State Board of Accountancy


Phone: 860-713-6000

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
Hartford, CT 06103

CPA License Requirements in CT


Continuing Education is required

150 total semester hours

36 semester hours of accounting

30 semester hours of business


Work Experience

Work experience is required.

Other Qualification

Social Security Number required.

Pass the AICPA Ethics Exam.

Getting your CPA license in Connecticut can mean that additional requirements must be met. Since fees, requirements, and rules may change on a frequent basis, we highly recommend contacting the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy for complete licensing information.