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More stimulating experiences cement stronger memories. That’s why all of our resources are built around learning new information from various modalities.

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All members are 100% charterholders with senior roles in the finance industry, or they have significant experience as finance instructors or professors.

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The UWorld CFA Exam Review Course Experience

Outperform the competition with UWorld CFA Exam Review. Our superior question bank and insightful explanations make all the difference.


CFA Exam QBanks

Gain access to a comprehensive library of exam-style questions crafted by our team of charterholders. Our questions are designed to match or exceed the difficulty level of actual exams, featuring engaging visual aids and detailed explanations for each answer choice. Regularly updated to align with the latest CFA Institute learning outcome statements, our question bank ensures you are well-prepared for your exam.

CFA Mock Exams

What if you could take the exam before you took the exam? UWorld CFA® mock exams get as close as possible to simulating the actual CFA exam by meticulously replicating every detail—interface, question format, difficulty level, number of questions, time constraints, and topic weighting.


CFA Exam Study Guides

Think of our Study Guide as a concise summary of the CFA curriculum, volumes 1-6, condensed from thousands of pages into focused and simplified notes. Our guide provides practical examples and a wide array of questions, ensuring you thoroughly understand each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS).

Expert-Led Video Lectures

Take lectures from financial experts with you wherever you go. Swap social media scrolling for a quick study session with our bite-sized review videos. Whether in the back of an Uber or on your lunch break, you can pause, speed up, and rewind—watch at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.


Premium Formula Sheets

Sometimes, you just need a quick refresher on the DuPont analysis or the Time Value of Money Formula. Don't waste time digging. SimpleSheets+ is a distillation of key formulas, definitions, and important concepts. Print it out and keep it on your desk, access it online, or download it to study on the go.

SmartCards and ReadyDeck Flashcards

Create unlimited, customizable digital flashcards or use our pre-loaded ReadyDeck. Seamlessly highlight and transfer source content to the front or back, add unique notes, and organize by subject, topic, or custom tag. Grade flashcards by difficulty, and spaced-repetition technology will adjust how often you see it based on your proficiency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • At UWorld, we believe that if you practice like it’s the exam, the exam will feel like another day of practice. That’s why our in-house CFA charterholders and finance experts meticulously craft questions that reflect the most current format, difficulty, and content of the actual CFA Exam—questions that feature detailed explanations for each answer choice and visual aids developed by an in-house graphic design team.
  • Yes. UWorld is accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone (iOS and Android).
  • UWorld CFA stands out by offering a combination of detailed explanations, instructor-led sessions, and various learning formats that provide exceptional doubt clarification and instructor interaction, empowering you to succeed on the CFA exam.
  • UWorld StudyPass allows you to continue studying after an unsuccessful attempt at no extra cost, and FreshStart provides a 50% discount if you've had an unsuccessful attempt with another provider and want to switch to Uworld.

  • UWorld's free trial provides access for 7 days, no credit card required.