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1350 is

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score in the 90th percentile

Why is UWorld Digital SAT Review the best SAT prep course?

Our Digital SAT prep course has empowered thousands of students to achieve their target scores and get admission to their dream colleges. We’ll do the same for you.

  • Easy access through laptop, tablet, or mobile device
  • 1000+ exam-like Digital SAT questions
  • In-depth answer explanations and rationales
  • Built-in study tools providing the actual Digital SAT test experience

UWorld Digital SAT Review Course is for you if:

You’re taking the Digital SAT for the first time
You’re planning to retake the test to boost your score
You’re self-studying and in need of a proven study structure

Product Features

Tired of endless flashcards, confusing textbooks, and repetitive lectures? UWorld’s revolutionary Digital SAT Prep QBank offers a smarter, more efficient way to dominate the exam. Here’s how:


Understand Concepts Faster

Our comprehensive QBank covers every Digital SAT topic and question type, plus is available anytime and anywhere. Improve your accuracy with thorough explanations and reasoning behind each question. Know your strengths and weaknesses through personalized learning and focus on areas that need improvement.

Master the Digital Format

Experience exam-like questions, mirroring the new format, content, and interface across all difficulty levels. Use our built-in customizable timer and digital tools like the calculator and formula sheets, mimicking the real Digital SAT, to learn how to leverage them for success.


Track Your Progress & Stay Motivated

Personalize your study path based on your goals and gain insights into your performance with real-time performance analytics. Join the Digital SAT prep students and UWorld experts online community and connect with them anytime to clarify doubts and questions.

Ready to unlock your college dreams?

Don’t just prepare for the Digital SAT; conquer it! Get 1000+ practice questions and detailed explanations across both exam sections. What are you waiting for?

Convenient access anywhere on your laptop, tablet, or mobile device
Over 1000 exam-like questions crafted by subject-matter experts
Detailed answer explanations and step-by-step problem-solving guidance
Personalized practice tests tailoring to your needs and goals
Built-in study tools like customizable timer, calculator, reference sheet, and My Notebook
Provision to create flashcards, highlights, and annotations
Advanced performance tracking tools to identify your areas of improvement
Opportunity to measure your performance as compared to fellow UWorlders
Online forum to discuss questions with UWorld students and experts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The Digital SAT is a standardized test colleges and universities use to evaluate your potential as a prospective student for admissions or merit-based scholarships.
  • Our course is a favorite among students looking to bump up their SAT scores without breaking the bank. We offer flexible plans that fit your budget and schedule, and our practice questions are tailor-made to focus on the areas in which you need the most help - it's like having a personal tutor! Plus, with the SAT going digital, we've designed our platform to feel just like the real BluebookTM App, so you'll be right at home on test day. And, with handy tools like digital flashcards and My Notebook, you can easily review material whenever and wherever works best for you. No rigid class times here, just learning made easy and effective.
  • The free trial comes with 7-day access to exam-like questions across both Digital SAT sections, built-in study tools, and performance tracking indicators, providing a thorough preview of the top-rated Digital SAT QBank available.
  • UWorld offers an affordable test prep course with hundreds of questions, which are at par with the actual Digital SAT exam. Our practice tests also include built-in study tools and advanced performance trackers to support your test preparation.