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Registration fees for the CFA® Program and exam must be submitted with your application. Candidates meeting CFA Program requirements can register for the CFA exam on the CFA Institute website.

CFA Institute charges a one-time enrollment fee of $450 to register for the CFA Program and a $1,000 standard CFA registration fee for each of the three exams.


You can save up to $300 per exam by enrolling during the early registration period (about 4 months before the exam).

Rescheduling a previously selected exam date typically requires payment of an additional $250 fee. Please note this has been reduced to $25 for 2021 exams.

CFA® Program Exam Registration Fees Deadlines

Early registration:$700 (USD)
Deadline for February 2021 — August 13, 2020
Deadline for May 2021 — November 3, 2020
Deadline for August 2021 — February 2, 2021
Deadline for November 2021 — May 4, 2021
Standard registration:$1,000 (USD)
Deadline for February 2021 — October 28, 2020
Deadline for May 2021 — February 23, 2021
Deadline for August 2021 — May 4, 2021
Deadline for November 2021 — August 10, 2021

All prices/fees are in paid in U.S. dollars. Always consult the CFA Institute’s website for the latest, official fee rates, and refund policies.

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