CFA® Program Exam Testing Centers

CFA Program exams are not computer-based. They are administered in person with pencil and paper and must be taken in a designated CFA Program exam testing centers.

For the June exams, there are designated CFA Program exam testing centers in 180+ cities worldwide. The December exams can be completed in more than and over 60 cities throughout the world.

Find a Test Center location for the June exam here.

Your Testing Center Assignment

When registering, indicate a specific major city or a metropolitan area in which you want take your exam. An appropriate CFA Program exam testing center is then selected by the CFA Institute based on requests.

Admission Tickets

Admission tickets are available approximately four weeks prior to your exam date. Be sure to confirm your CFA Program exam testing center assignment on your ticket.

Special Instructions

When tickets become available, be sure to check the “CFA Exam Test Center Special Instructions” page on the CFA Institute’s website for instructions regarding parking, lunch, and other details.

Change Requests

To request a different test center, select the “Change My Test Center” option in your CFA Institute account (must be logged in). Be sure to make your request before the final deadline (18 April for the June 2017 exams and 9 October for the December 2017 Level I exam). If your request is approved, your new test center assignment will appear on your admission ticket.

CFA Program exam testing centers have limited seating, so all changes requests are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to seat availability. The CFA Institute does not honor requests for a test center change within the same metropolitan area.

Admission & Departure Policy

You must present your printed admission ticket to be admitted into the CFA Program exam testing center. Your ticket is only valid for the test center and exam date listed.


Print two copies of your admission ticket just in case one is lost, damaged or destroyed.

Be sure to arrive at least one hour early to complete check-in. You will not be admitted if you arrive more than 30 minutes after the start of the timed portion of the exam.

You must remain seated in the designated area during the exam, including when instructions are read, until all candidates are dismissed. Brief water and toilet breaks are allowed.

Early departure is not permitted.

Personal Belongings Policy

Your CFA Program exam testing center will have a designated area for personal belongings but you are encouraged to leave them at home. The CFA Institute, testing personnel, test center, and vendors are not responsible for stolen, lost, misplaced or damaged personal items.


If you do bring personal belongings, be sure they are clearly marked, as many belongings—especially mobile phones—look alike.

The following items must be kept ON your desk:

Admission ticket
Valid passport
Approved calculator/s – here are some helpful calculator tips
Approved writing instruments (pencils for Levels I and II, pens and pencils for Level III)

The following items may be kept on your desk, if needed:

Manual pencil sharpeners
Loose calculator batteries and screwdriver (for battery replacement)
Calculator cases and keystroke cards
Eyeglasses, but not the eyeglasses case
Wristwatches with alarms/timers off (NO smart watches)

The following items are allow but must remain in your pockets or under your chair when not in use:

Wallet or purse
Medicine, tissues, and other necessary medical or personal items
Gum, hard candy, cough drops
Eyeglasses case

The following items are NOT permitted:

Food or drinks
Baggage of any kind
Study materials, including notes, papers, textbooks, or study guides
Scratch paper, value tables or calculator manuals
Highlighters, correction fluid/tape or rulers
Knives of any kind, including ones used as pencil sharpeners
Mobile phones, cameras, headsets, laptops, tablets, smart watches or any Bluetooth®-enabled device
Any type of desk clock or timer

If proctors find unpermitted items, they will place them in the personal belongings area and you will only be able to access them during the lunch break and after the exam.


Always ensure you check the latest CFA Institute Testing and Registration Policies, particularly as a new candidate.