The CFA Program exam is one tough test. To conquer it you’ll need more than just the knowledge you’ve acquired from studying. You need insight and practical tips to help you improve your exam technique. Here, you’ll find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the CFA Program exam and how to approach it, as well as tips for the day itself including:

What is the best way to answer and approach the questions on the CFA Program exam?
How much time should you allocate per question?
How should you allocate your time between vignette and questions?
What are the differences between Levels I and II of the CFA Program exam?
How are the topics sequenced?
Does Ethics “boost” your score and what do you need to score to pass?
On the actual exam, is it a good idea to go straight for the big scorers, or take the questions in order?
What are the weightings of the various topics?
What are the Top Tips on how to manage the last 30 minutes on your CFA Program exam?

The free eBook includes a general outline of Level I exam syllabus and goes over key concepts and tips you will need for all levels of the CFA Program exam.