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CPA test prep providers offer different features, formats and varying levels of support throughout your exam journey. Use this detailed comparison to make the most educated purchasing decision.

This Efficient Learning vs. Gleim page will compare:

  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Course access
  • Practice questions
  • Flashcards
  • Video lectures
  • And more…

Efficient Learning just won the 2021 SIIA CODiE Award for Best College and Career Readiness Solution. This award recognizes Efficient Learning as a global leader in CPA test prep technology. If technology is important to you, you’ll want to make sure to look closely at Efficient Learning adaptive review technology discussed in this article.

Efficient Learning or Gleim? Which CPA Review Course is the best?

Efficient Learning is the winner when you compare UWorld CPA Review Course to Gleim, and the deciding factor comes down to features.

Features that come with every UWorld package, no exceptions, include:

  • Full Team of University Professors with CPA Designation
  • Ask an Instructor and Have Your CPA Review Questions Answered Typically within 24 Hours
  • Pass Guarantee (Meaning You Have Access to the Materials Until You Pass) on All Packages, No Exceptions
  • More CPA Exam Practice Questions Than Any Other Provider
  • Deep Dive Videos to Supplement Tough CPA Topics
  • Bite-sized Lessons to Master Lessons in as Little as 30-45 Minutes

In the CPA Exam Review Comparison Grid below, you can see that UWorld CPA has better features, more support, and more practice questions than Gleim and any other provider.

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Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick look at the different features that UWorld and Gleim offer in their CPA review courses.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Cost Comparison

UWorld has three test prep package tiers you can choose from while Gleim has just two. Gleim also has a test bank only option for $999.

So, in a quick review you’ll see that Gleim’s course options are less expensive than UWorld. However, UWorld courses, even the least expensive course, is jam-packed with some of our best features like access to expert mentors, flashcards, deep-dive videos, free course repeats and upgrades until you pass, and more.

Those features could be the difference that helps you pass on the first time and save you money by not having to take the exam multiple times (9 out of 10 students who use UWorld CPA pass all 4 sections of their CPA exam).

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Technology and Software

UWorld education technology has actually been recognized as some of the best in the world. UWorld is the 2021 SIIA CODiE Award winner for Best College and Career Readiness Solution for our innovative education technology.

Both UWorld and Gleim offer adaptive technology. UWorld’s technology is called FocusMe and Gleim’s tech is called SmartAdapt™.

The biggest benefit of adaptive review technology is efficient study time. Based on your performance, it adjusts your study plan, so you spend more time working on areas you don’t do as well on (and less time studying what you already know).

Here’s a quick overview of how UWorld’s adaptive review works.

  • Adjusted Question Difficulty
    – Questions get harder or easier depending on your answers.
  • Adaptive Review Sessions
    – Get to know exactly where you stand with adaptive review sessions.
  • Personalized Study Recommendations
    – Only study what you need to! After study sessions you will be given personalized study recommendations on where to focus your time.

Discover how UWorld’s Adaptive Review Technology allows you to study smarter.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Review Course Access and Expiration

All UWorld CPA review courses, with no exceptions, come with access until you pass. Only Gleim’s more expensive Premium course comes with unlimited access.

With UWorld offering unlimited course repeats until you pass on all packages without exceptions, and Gleim only offering this benefit on their Premium package, UWorld wins this one.

Efficient Learning CPA vs. Gleim Exam Practice Questions

UWorld is known for having the best practice materials on the market. That’s because all UWorld CPA review packages come with industry-leading 12,000 multiple-choice practice questions (more than any other provider, including Gleim CPA review, Becker CPA, Roger, and Surgent).

UWorld’s practice materials include 12,000+ MCQ’s with detailed explanations from AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG, 500 task-based simulations and more.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Flashcards

UWorld provides flashcards in every CPA course packages because they are important for studying on the go and reinforcing important topics.

Gleim only offers flashcards in their Premium package and not with their Traditional package.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Course Format

UWorld CPA review courses and Gleim CPA courses are offered as online, self-study programs. However, UWorld hosts live lectures in virtual classrooms, and also have on-demand video lectures you can take advantage of.

Some of Gleim’s key features, like flashcards and unlimited access until you pass, are only offered on their most expensive package. However, as usual, UWorld includes these features in all course packages.

Standard UWorld features include:

  • Access to the UWorld CPA Study Group on Facebook
  • Any of Your CPA Review Questions Normally Answered in 24 Hours
  • Free Course Repeats and Updates Until You Pass
  • Over 12,000 CPA Exam Practice Questions
  • Deep Dive Videos
  • Bite-sized Lessons

And with UWorld’s courses, the more premium package you can invest in comes with that extra support you might want like:

  • 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Expert Mentors
  • CPA 11th Hour Final Review Course

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Bite-Sized Video Lessons

UWorld ’s bite-sized lessons are short, highly digestible lessons that give you a full review of a topic in just 30–45-minutes or less.

UWorld’s bite-sized lessons helped CPA Emmanuel Santana not get overwhelmed by the material.

“The bite-sized lessons really help you understand the material so you don’t get overwhelmed and burnt out,” Emmanuel said.

Ask An Instructor

No other test prep provider offers this feature. Ask an Instructor lets you ask your tough CPA-review questions to expert instructors and get an answer in 24 to 48 hours.

This feature is meant to make you feel like you’re never alone and UWorld always has your back as you prepare for the CPA exam.

Task-based Simulations

Task-based simulations use case studies to test your understanding of a certain subject. UWorld offers 500 task-based simulations while Gleim offers 1,300.

Even though Gleim does offer more TBS’s than UWorld , the TBS’s offered by UWorld are known for their world-class study materials that mimic the actual CPA exam, so you’re more likely to be ready on exam day.

Full-length Practice Exam

UWorld provides unlimited full-length practice exams with all of their course packages and Gleim does not offer full-length mock exams, so UWorld has the leg up here.

Full-length practice exams are important for getting you ready for test day. UWorld practice exams look like the real thing and use past AICPA questions, so that is a big deal in feeling confident in yourself on exam day.

Efficient Learning CPA vs. Gleim Video Lectures

Both UWorld and Gleim have video lectures, but only UWorld offers deep dive videos in every course package. These videos provide supplemental help for challenging CPA topics, so you never have to get stuck and stay stuck.

In addition, UWorld has live and on-demand video lectures taught by their expert instructors.

Want access to some of UWorld CPA video lectures?

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Efficient Learning or Gleim Score Predictor

Efficient Learningoffers a score predictor and Gleim does not. This feature predicts how you’ll score on the exam based on various factors in your course performance. The more lessons and assessments you complete, the more accurate your predictions, making it easy to evaluate how ready you are for the actual exam.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim 11th Hour Review

A 11th Hour Review Course is designed specifically for your last week of study and helps ensure you fully master key concepts before sitting for the exam. Both UWorld CPA and Gleim offer an 11th Hour Review.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Summary

After comparing pricing, technology, practice materials, videos, and more, it’s clear that UWorld has more helpful features, more practice questions, and higher quality content than Gleim.

Plus, some of UWorld’s most helpful features are available in every package, like flashcards and access until you pass, while with Gleim, you have to upgrade to get those features.

UWorld prioritizes maximizing your study time with the most efficient lessons and the most highly skilled instructors and the difference shows.

Efficient Learning vs. Gleim Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common FAQs that come up when comparing Efficient Learning vs. Gleim.

  • Yes, UWorld is better a better value than Gleim because they offer more features and higher quality content like flashcards and access until you pass, that Gleim does not offer. UWorld also has more practice exam questions and instructor support via their Ask an Instructor feature.
  • Yes, you can get 0% financing for 12 months through UWorld. Interested? Check your eligibility online.
  • UWorld has more study materials than Gleim, including over 12,000 multiple-choice practice questions, 500 task-based simulations, deep dive videos, bite-sized lessons, flashcards (including digital flashcards in their companion mobile app), unlimited full-length practice exams, and more.

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