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To compare Efficient Learning vs. Surgent CPA Review, we’ll look at cost, technology, practice materials, video lectures, formats, and more.

One of the more recent updates affecting one of these two providers is UWorld winning the 2021 SIIA CODiE Award for Best College and Career Readiness Solution. This award acknowledges UWorld innovation in education technology and recognizes the company as a global leader in CPA test prep technology.

So, if adaptive technology and studying as efficiently as possible are important to you, UWorld might have the edge right off the bat.

Efficient Learning or Surgent? Which CPA Review Course Is the best?

UWorld is the best CPA review when you compare value, features, support, and quality of material. All of UWorld’s CPA prep course packages include features that Surgent either doesn’t have or what Surgent does offer isn’t the same quality.

Key features offered by UWorld include:

  • Full Team of University Professors with CPA Designation
  • Ask an Instructor Feature in Which Instructors Answer Your Pressing CPA Review Questions
  • Pass Guarantee on All Packages, No Exceptions
  • More CPA Exam Practice Questions Than Any Other Provider
  • Deep Dive Videos to Supplement Tough CPA Topics
  • Bite-sized Lessons to Master Lessons in as Little as 30-45 Minutes

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Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Comparison Chart

What features are most important to you in a CPA review course? View the CPA Exam Review Course Comparison Grid below to see how UWorld CPA features stack up against Surgent.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Cost Comparison

Both UWorld and Surgent have three different exam prep course options with varying prices. Both providers’ packages are priced similarly, but UWorld provides more bang for your buck by including its most coveted exam prep features in every UWorld course.

Where UWorld has Surgent beat is in its robust line-up of standard course features. Every UWorld option provides access to expert mentors, flashcards, deep-dive videos, live virtual classes, and more. So, UWorld comes out on top when it comes to overall value, quality, features, and material.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Technology and Software

In the software and technology category, UWorld already has an edge; UWorld innovative education technology won the 2021 SIIA CODiE Award for Best College and Career Readiness Solution.

UWorld innovative FocusMe technology provides personalized features including a highly customizable study planer, adaptive review, and content recommendations. UWorld FocusMe technology makes your study time as efficient as possible by helping you focus on your weak areas so that you can make the most of your study and practice time.

Surgent’s adaptive learning technology, A.S.A.P., assesses your skill following a multi-hundred-question quiz. Results are said to determine your knowledge level and focuses your study plan on where it is believed you need the most help.

Discover how UWorld Adaptive Review Technology allows you to study smarter.

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Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Review Course Access and Expiration

Both UWorld CPA review courses and Surgent review courses come with unlimited access and updates until you pass.

Emmanuel Santana, CPA, CMA really appreciated the comfort of knowing he retained access to his UWorld course materials until he passed the CPA exam.

“I liked that UWorld never takes away your access to the material if you don’t pass in a certain amount of time,” said Emmanuel.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Exam Practice

UWorld has the most popular CPA test bank on the market with more than 12,000 multiple-choice practice questions (that’s more than any other provider, including Surgent, Becker CPA, Roger, and Gleim CPA review). UWorld questions mirror the actual Prometric test interface, so candidates feel confident on exam day.

UWorld 12,000+ CPA multiple-choice questions (MCQs), including AICPA release questions from previous CPA exams, provide detailed explanations for right and wrong answers. With more than 500 task-based simulations and written communications, two weighted practice exams for each test (AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG), and the ability to generate limitless additional practice exams, UWorld has you covered. All of these practice questions come with all UWorld packages, no exceptions.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Flashcards

Studying on the go is easy with UWorld flashcards (especially with the option to use digital flashcards on UWorld companion app), and they are helpful for reinforcing important topics and covering some of the most tested information. All UWorld packages include more than 4,000 digital flashcards and 1,000 printed and curated flashcards.

Surgent’s flashcards only come with the Ultimate and Premier course packages, not the Essentials package.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Course Format

UWorld CPA review courses are online, study-on-your-own-time programs. However, you can still take live classes with UWorld in a virtual classroom environment. Miss a class? No problem! You can view the classes on-demand whenever it’s convenient.

Surgent is also a self-study, online program, so the difference comes down to features offered in these formats.

UWorld features included in every course package include:

  • Access to the UWorld CPA Study Group on Facebook
  • CPA Review Questions Answered by CPA Instructors
  • Free Course Repeats and Updates Until You Pass
  • More than 12,000 CPA Exam Practice Questions
  • Deep Dive Videos
  • Bite-sized Lessons

If you want more personalized attention, UWorld also offers:

  • 1-on-1 Tutoring
  • Expert Mentors
  • CPA 11th Hour Final Review Course

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Register now for 7 days of free access to UWorld CPA Review Course

Bite-Sized Video Lessons

Bite-sized lessons are a UWorld trademark. The short, highly digestible lessons help you maximize your study time and can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes. Surgent offers shorter lessons as well with nano-sized lecture videos.

Ask An Instructor

UWorld supports you through your entire CPA journey. The Ask an Instructor feature is available on all packages and lets you ask CPA-review questions that a CPA instructor responds to within 24 to 48 hours.

Task-based Simulations

UWorld includes 500 task-based simulations in all of its courses; Surgent offers only 400. The more practice and exposure you get with the more complex task-based simulations, the more confident you will feel on exam day.

Full-length Practice Exam

With every UWorld CPA review course, you will get unlimited full-length practice exams. These exams feature past AICPA questions, and you get your results in real time.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Video Lectures

UWorld and Surgent both offer video lectures, but UWorld includes deep-dive lecture videos for difficult or critical foundational topics; Surgent does not have that feature.

UWorld video lectures are on-demand (with live options) and taught by leading educators who guide you through the material.

Want access to some of UWorld CPA video lectures?

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UWorld CPA vs. Surgent Summary

After comparing Efficient Learning vs. Surgent, UWorld has the edge where it counts:

  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Practice Materials
  • Lectures
  • And more

UWorld wins because of its helpful features, high number of practice questions in the actual test interface, and its high-quality content. Also, some of UWorld most helpful features are available in all packages, while with Surgent you have to upgrade to get some of the more basic features.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s review some of the FAQs when comparing Efficient Learning vs. Surgent.

  • Yes, whether you are looking at pricing, technology, practice tests, lectures, or other features, UWorld is better than Surgent. UWorld most helpful features are available in every package, like flashcards and Access Until You Pass, while with Surgent you don’t get those features unless you upgrade.
  • Yes, UWorld offers 0% financing for 12 months. And you can easily check your eligibility online.
  • UWorld has more CPA exam practice questions (over 12,000) than any other provider. UWorld also has a robust lineup of other study materials including task-based simulations, deep-dive videos, bite-sized lessons, flashcards, unlimited full-length practice exams, and more.

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