Major Updates for the January 2019 CPA Exam Are Here

Major Updates for the January 2019 CPA Exam Are Here

Wiley CPAexcel Course Updates for the January 2019 CPA Exam

October 18, 2018 – The latest release of Wiley CPAexcel puts you on a successful path to becoming a CPA. This update encompasses not only important and sweeping content changes that are eligible for testing January 1, 2019, it also integrates product improvements, including a new search feature and additional study resources.

Download a Detailed Summary of the January 2019 Updates

With this release, we have new and updated video lectures, even more practice questions, more flashcards, and more lesson assessments. With Bite-Sized Lessons that succinctly and clearly explain complex accounting concepts, Wiley CPAexcel is the most complete and comprehensive CPA review program available.

FAR Exam Changes

The big change in FAR is that Leases have been overhauled, with new classifications and criteria for types of leases for both the lessee and the lessor. These changes are eligible for testing on January 1, 2019. We have completely updated the Leases lessons to walk through each of these criteria in the new standard and provide relevant questions for the new standard so that you’ll be prepared on exam day.

In addition, we’ve updated other FAR lessons to capture other pronouncement changes eligible for testing on January 1, 2019, including on Receivables, Derivatives and Hedging, Income Statement Reporting, and Not-for-Profit Entities. This release also includes GASB standard changes on Fiduciary Activities and Certain Disclosures Related to Debt. Refer to the FAR section in this document to see the specific lessons updated for each of these changes.

Wiley CPAexcel instructors Dr. Pam Smith and Dr. Don Deis have recorded an excellent video that walks you through all the changes (big and small) coming to the FAR section in 2019, both from ASC 842 and from several other updated accounting standards.

REG Exam Changes

You no doubt have heard about and studied much of the major taxation changes as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which are eligible for testing on January 1, 2019. With the updated information in this release of Wiley CPAexcel, you can feel confident that you’ll be prepared when you sit for REG. We include
not only updates to dozens of lessons as a result of the act, but Dr. Carnes encapsulates all of those changes in the lesson “Recent Development in Tax Law.” Be sure to go through this lesson to get a good big-picture view of the changes before doing more granular self-study.

Get a sneak peek into the changes that are coming in this short video overview from Dr. Greg Carnes.

We also invite you to view a 1-hour video lesson from Dr. Carnes on the major taxation changes that are eligible for testing.

Get the January 2019 Wiley CPAexcel Updates

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