How much can I earn as a CPA?

How Much Can I Earn as a CPA?

How much can I earn as a CPA?

Increase your salary by up to 15% with a CPA License.

By passing the CPA Exam & becoming licensed in your region, you officially become a Certified Professional Accountant. The CPA designation is one of great prestige in the industry but that alone is not what drives accountants to get certified. It’s all about the money.

While the average salary for accounting professional varies depending on your circumstances (age, firm size, location, etc.), one statistic remains constant: accountants with their CPA license make 10-15% more income.

Size of Firm Salary 
Up to 1 Year in Corporate Accounting Firm $58-000-$86,500
Up to 1 Year Public Accounting Firm $71,000-$92,250
1 to 3 Years in Corporate Accounting Firm $51,250-$66,750
Up to 1 Year in Public Accounting Firm $57,000-$74,000

Source: Robert Half, 2017 Salary Guide Accounting and Finance

Open Doors to a Variety of Career Paths

In addition to a good CPA salary, you also have very real career advance possibilities. Check out the many potential career paths that earning your CPA license could lead you down, compliments of PayScale.

Pay Scale CPA

A lot of those potential jobs aren’t too many steps away from the C-level suite.

More Than Just A Good CPA Salary

A CPA license brings more than just inter-office and career-ladder mobility.

Earning your CPA license can also help you land a job in a new locale or ensure that you’ll be able to find a good job and a good salary in most markets.

Top 5 U.S. Cities for Accountants

City Number of Accountants Average Annual Salary
New York 108, 800 $93,280
District of Columbia 11,080 $93,210
New Jersey 36,640 $88,940
Virginia 40,220 $83,380
California 147,320 $82,620

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistic, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2016

Becoming a CPA is exciting, right? If you’re in the Accounting industry, learn more about the CPA Exam or see how our CPA Review Courses can help you pass the exam.