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Different test prep providers offer different features and varying levels of support throughout your exam journey. So, let’s look at two of the top CPA review programs, Efficient Learning CPA vs. Becker.

We are committed to being with you every step of the way through your exam journey, which is why we give you a pass guarantee with access to your study materials until you pass.

Efficient Learning or Becker? Which CPA Review Course Is the Best?

When comparing all that Efficient Learning CPA Exam Review and Becker has to offer, our CPA Exam Review Course is the best—hands down. We offer important features and materials that Becker does not.

Here are some of the features you can expect from Efficient Learning and not Becker:

  • Full Team of University Professors with CPA Designation
  • Unlimited Access Until You Pass Guarantee on Select Courses
  • More CPA Exam Practice Questions than Any Other Provider
  • Deep Dive Videos to Supplement Tough CPA Topics

In the CPA Exam Review Comparison Grid below, you can see that Efficient Learning CPA Exam Review has better features, more support, and more practice questions and task-based simulations than Becker.

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Efficient Learning CPA vs. Becker Comparison Chart

From expert instructors to free course repeats and updates until you pass, every Efficient Learning CPA package provides you with the most robust study tools where Becker falls short.

Efficient Learning vs. Becker Cost Comparison

Efficient Learning and Becker both have three test prep package tiers you can choose from. As you can see, we bring great value in both cost and quality.

Each Efficient Learning package has more services built-in than Becker. And unlike Becker, with every option, we give you access to your course with free updates until you pass the exam. So, no matter what package you go with, we provide an overall better product in terms of cost, quality, features, and material.

Olu Egunjobi, CPA said, “If I had to pay for a single product out of my pocket I would pay for Efficient Learning. And I say that not only because it’s less expensive to buy, but because the overall quality is better.”

Stephanie Wiles, CPA chose Efficient Learning over Becker because,

“Becker’s two times more expensive than Efficient Learning with pretty much the same benefits, and it has the ‘keep it till you pass’ guarantee, which was important for me. The whole thing seemed to me to be a no-brainer.”

Efficient Learning vs. Becker CPA Exam Practice Questions

Efficient Learning provides over 12,000 CPA Exam practice questions in all course packages, which is more than any other provider, including Becker.

With 6,000+ CPA multiple-choice questions with detailed explanations from AUD, FAR, and REG, 200+ task-based simulations, and more, it’s easy to see why Efficient Learning has the most popular CPA Test Bank on the market.

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Olu, CPA says, “One of the real advantages Efficient Learning has over Becker is the fact that they have so many questions in their bank. I basically used those questions to learn everything. It suited my learning style very well.”

Efficient Learning vs. Becker Flashcards

Efficient Learning CPA Flashcards are perfect for reinforcing important topics and covering key testable information on the go. We even offer digital flashcards you can use on our companion mobile app.

Becker has flashcards available for CPA Exam test prep, but only on some of their packages. Efficient Learning provides flashcards for every CPA test prep package with no exceptions.

Efficient Learning vs. Becker Course Format

Efficient Learning and Becker both offer three different courses you can choose from for exam prep. Each course includes different features. Some essential features are only offered in Becker’s more expensive course options, while we include some of our most coveted features in every course tier.

Some of these features include:

  • Access to our CPA Study Group on Facebook
  • Free Course Repeats and Updates Until You Pass
  • Over 12,000 CPA Exam Practice Questions
  • Deep Dive Videos

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Task-based Simulations

Task-based simulations test your understanding with case studies that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge. Efficient Learning offers 500 task-based simulations while Becker only offers 400.

Full-length Practice Exam

Full-length practice exams can make a difference in building your confidence for exam day. Efficient Learning offers unlimited full-length practice exams featuring past AICPA questions. Our CPA practice exam emulates the actual CPA Exam, and you get your results in real time. Becker does not offer this feature.

UWorld also offers a free CPA practice exam to assess your level of preparedness for each section of the CPA Exam.

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Efficient Learning CPA vs. Becker Video Lectures

If you want supplemental help for those tough CPA topics, you’ll be impressed with our deep dive lecture videos—a feature that Becker does not have.

Efficient Learning also has live and on-demand video lectures taught by leading educators that provide guided instruction with contributions from experts and peers.

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CPA Olu was very impressed with Efficient Learning’s video lectures and their expert instructors.

“I truly believe that the Efficient Learning lectures were powerful. Dr. Pam Smith is a really great teacher and I just watched the videos and then did the questions along with them. I enjoyed that.”

Efficient Learning vs. Becker 11th Hour Review Course

Need a final review to prepare for exam day? Both Efficient Learning CPA and Becker offer an 11th Hour Review. Becker only offers this final review in their Pro package, where Wiley offers this review in both the Ultimate and Platinum CPA courses.

Efficient Learning vs. Becker Summary

Overall, it’s clear that Efficient Learning has more helpful features, more practice questions, and higher-quality content than Becker. Plus, some of our most helpful features are available in all of our packages, while with Becker you have to upgrade to get some of their more basic features.

We prioritize maximizing your study time with the most efficient lessons and the most highly skilled instructors and the difference shows.

UWorld (Formerly Efficient Learning CPA) vs Becker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still not sure whether to go with us or Becker? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when considering the two.

  • Yes, UWorld has higher quality features, better study materials and support, and more practice questions than any other provider. This leads to you feeling more confident in your ability to pass the CPA Exam.
  • Yes, UWorld has the most popular QBank on the market with over 12,000 CPA Exam practice questions, more than any other provider.
  • UWorld questions are all designed to get you prepared for the CPA Exam. The real question is, are you prepared for the exam? If you achieve at least 95% correct/proficiency on practice questions, flashcards, and practice exams, you’re definitely on the right track.
  • Yes. 0% financing for 12 months—you can check your eligibility online.
  • UWorld has more CPA Exam practice questions than any other provider along with high-quality task-based simulations, deep dive videos, flashcards, unlimited full-length practice exams, and more. You’ll feel more confident and prepared with UWorld CPA study materials.