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Weekly Review Quiz #517 - BEC: Information Technology

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Question 1:

IT policies are particularly important in:

  • High-tech companies.
  • Financial services companies.
  • Decentralized companies.
  • Companies that sell IT services.
Correct Answer C.

IT policies are particularly important in decentralized companies since IT services are likely to be less under the control of management.

Question 2:

Bob sends a message using asymmetric key to Cassie. In this exchange, who holds the private key:

  • Bob.
  • Cassie.
  • Bob and Cassie.
  • The server.
Correct Answer B.

In asymmetric encryption, the receiver (Cassie) has the private key.

Question 3:

Which of the following correctly states some of the categories of criteria used to assess IT security principles?

  • Choice and content, availability, management, access.
  • Security for privacy, collection, processing integrity, management.
  • Use and retention, management, quality, access.
  • Security for privacy, risk management, systems operations, management.
Correct Answer C.

Each of these is a criterion used to assess IT security principles.

Question 4:

A start-up company seeks to build a wired LAN in its building. Cost is unimportant; security and speed are critical. The company should consider using:

  • Twisted pair.
  • Fiber optic cable.
  • Coaxial cable.
  • Microwave media.
Correct Answer B.

Fiber optic cable is a higher-cost, higher-quality choice for a wired network.

Question 5:

A customer notified a company that the customer's account did not reflect the most recent monthly payment. The company investigated the issue and determined that a clerk had mistakenly applied the customer's payments to a different customer's account. Which of the following controls would help to prevent such an error?

  • Checksum.
  • Field check.
  • Completeness test.
  • Closed-loop verification.
Correct Answer D.

Closed-loop verification helps ensure that a valid and correct customer account has been entered; after the code is entered, this system looks up and displays additional information about the selected code. For example, the operator enters a customer code, and the system displays the customer’s name and address.

End of quiz

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