Getting on the Road to Success – Meet Peter Lang, The Designer CPA

Initially, Rhode Island business professional Peter Lang struggled with the CPA Exam. But switching to Wiley CPAexcel proved to be the key that changed everything. Once he switched, he felt he had a real partner. “With WileyCPAexcel I had a planner, but I also had a partner that was going to help me actually get a passing grade, and get me done with this exam finally so I could move on with my life and become a successful CPA.”

Watch Lang’s exclusive video story below to learn more about getting on the road to personal and professional success.

“After about six years of taking the exam about six times and not trying, I realized I needed to change programs again. And that’s when I found Wiley. My name is Peter Lang, and I’m a CPA. I have my own office in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, which is a small town near the water in the smallest state in Rhode Island. My company name is the Designer CPA.

That first time I took it using Wiley, I got an 80. How I felt when I got an 80, I’ll never forget it. So I believe at the time I got an email with the score, and I jumped up and down screaming and yelling, told anyone I possibly could because an 80 feels a heck of a lot better than 52.

With the exam planner, it gave me guidance in order to say, OK, this is exactly the steps that I need, and I’m going to plan it out with the other things in my life. And this is how I’m going to have to get it done and be able to do all the other things in my life successfully.

When I found Wiley online, the information was clean and concise. I had a planner but I also had a partner that was going to help me actually get a passing grade, get a passing score, and get me done with this exam finally in my life so I could move on and become a successful CPA.

I’ve had experience with three different companies, and I just feel like the price is great and the value is awesome. And I mean, I’m living proof. So I can tell them, hey, listen I tried the other companies, and I did not pass. And then when I did Wiley, I passed.

So don’t make the same mistake I did. Stick with Wiley first, and you’ll save a lot of money on exam prep fees. And you’ll get it done quicker, and you can– it’ll open a bunch of doors for you. And you can move on with your career and do whatever you want basically.

The CPA license has given me that opportunity to be able to pretty much do whatever I want as a business owner. What makes me happy is having the ability to dream big. And it’s also allowed me to be happy in my personal life.”

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