UNA Accounting Career Completion Program

UNA’s Accounting Career Completion Program offers up to nine 3-credit hour accounting/business law courses. These courses can be helpful in advancing your career and are also commonly required by states to sit for the CPA exam. To find out what your state’s CPA exam requirements are, visit Wiley’s CPA Exam Requirements by State resource.

All of the courses are offered online and are taught by full-time UNA faculty.

How Can UNA Help Me?

Do you have a busy schedule and prefer online classes? If so the UNA Career Completion Program is for you.

You might need further accounting coursework if:

You need more accounting credit hours to qualify for the CPA exam*
You’re changing careers and need more accounting knowledge
You’re becoming eligible for a promotion that requires accounting knowledge
You’re pursuing a graduate program that requires additional accounting coursework

*If you’re pursuing your CPA license, you know that there are certain education requirements needed to sit for the CPA exam. And if you haven’t taken enough academic accounting courses to qualify, this program can help bridge the gap.

UNA Program Features

The UNA Accounting Career Completion Program includes the following features:

Nine 3-credit hour accounting/business law courses
Courses developed and led by UNA Accounting faculty
Wiley materials used as textbook/content
All courses are online
Courses are self-paced
Taught by full-time faculty who provide guidance and feedback
Cost includes all course materials

You can take one or all nine of the 3-credit hour accounting/business law courses offered through this program. The courses offered include:

3 financial accounting courses
2 taxation courses
2 auditing courses
1 management/cost accounting course
1 business law course

All courses were developed by UNA Accounting faculty and are taught by full-time faculty as well. The course is self-paced, so you can fit the lessons into your busy schedule. As you progress through the material, UNA Accounting faculty are available at any time to help guide you, mentor you, and answer any questions you may have. They can be reached through email, phone call, or skype session.

The materials and content used for these courses are supplied by Wiley, the leading publisher of accounting academic coursework material in the world. All exams, quizzes and other course assessments are delivered online and included in the cost of the course.

The UNA Accounting Career Completion Program is NOT a CPA exam review course. Aspects that differentiate this program from a CPA review course include:

Exams, quizzes, and homework must be completed satisfactorily to receive a passing grade
Prerequisites are required to enroll in UNA Accounting Career Completion Program courses
This program does not cover all of the material that is tested on the CPA Exam
These are for-credit courses that will appear on your UNA transcript
All courses are worth 3 credit-hours

If you are looking to take a robust CPA exam review course, Wiley CPA Exam Review has an excellent course with accredited expert instructors to help you pass faster.

UNA Program Tuition

Tuition is $545 ($525 plus $20 Continuing Ed fee) per 3-credit course, which includes the costs of all electronic study materials.

Next Steps

We applaud you for looking to expand your knowledge and better prepare yourself for your career. University of North Alabama and Wiley would love to help you meet your career advancement goals.

If you are interested in registering for the UNA Accounting Career Completion Program, here are your next steps:

  1. Submit your application today!
  2. Pay your tuition fee ($545)
  3. Receive a confirmation email with your login information

Please note, to meet the requirements to take these classes, you must be enrolled in or have completed an undergraduate degree program and must also meet the prerequisites for the course.

Congratulations on your exciting decision to pursue career advancement through additional accounting knowledge!