Configuring Norton Internet Security

  1. Open Norton Internet Security, then click “Settings”, then click “Personal Firewall”
    Note: If Personal Firewall is off, you do not need to continue
    Click the “Configure” button

    norton firewall 1

  2. Click on “Program Control”
    In the list, scroll until you find “els_ff”, and/or “CPAexcel”
    For each one you find, click to highlight it, then click in the “Access” column and select “Allow”
    If you cannot find the programs in the list, either run CPAexcel first or manually add the program
    The default locations of the two programs that need to be added are:
    C:Program FilesEfficient Learning SystemsCPAexcelrcmozillaels_ff.exe
    C:Program FilesEfficient Learning SystemsCPAexcelWEB-INFjrebinCPAexcel.exe

    norton firewall 2

  3. Click “OK” and close the Norton Internet Security window

You should now be able to use CPAexcel