Configuring Firewall Software

Add the CPAexcel programs that require network access
Note: If you firewall software is turned off or disabled, you do not need to continue

The default locations of the two programs that need to be added are:
C:Program FilesEfficient Learning SystemsCPAexcelrcmozillaels_ff.exe
C:Program FilesEfficient Learning SystemsCPAexcelWEB-INFjrebinCPAexcel.exe

Technical info:
els_ff.exe needs network access to the computer it is running on ( on port 31580 and to the Internet (port 80 or your *proxy’s port)

CPAexcel.exe needs to be allowed to be accessed on port 31580 and needs to access the Internet (port 80 or your *proxy’s port)

* see the FAQ page for information on configuring CPAexcel’s proxy settings