8 Out of 10 Pass With Us

We have been measuring our students’ pass rates since 2013. The pass rate is calculated as the number of parts passed divided by the number of parts completed.

8 out of 10 pass with us

How valid is our pass rate? How is it measured?

We measure our students’ pass rates through quarterly surveys following the release of the CMA Exam results. We achieve high survey participation by entering all respondents who took the CMA Exam into a drawing.

Students responding to the survey furnish their exam scores to us, enabling us to know whether they passed or failed. Our own records tell us which students completed the course, defined as earning a Wiley CMAexcel score of 90% or more. Exam parts passed are counted as completed and passed. Exam parts completed and failed are counted as completed and failed. Exam parts not completed and failed are not counted. The pass rate is the number of parts passed divided by the number of parts completed.

CMA Exam pass rates of other courses:

If you look at the CMA Exam pass rates of other CMA Exam Review Courses you will find that they either do not publish their pass rates or they do not explain how they calculate their pass rates. Specific, detailed information on a course’s pass rates is necessary to judge a course’s effectiveness. The team at Wiley CMAexcel takes student pass rates seriously. Our student pass rates indicate the success of our course, and what improvements, if any, need to be made to ensure our pass rates remain consistently high. This is why, as a CMA Exam candidate, you should carefully consider a course’s pass rate information before making your final course selection.

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