AICPA Announces New User-Friendly Technology on the CPA Exam


The new CPA Exam testing interface will go live April 1, 2018, including brand new functionalities and features. All of the updates to the tools and functions were designed to improve your exam-taking experience. Below we’ve outlined what the key changes are and linked to AICPA’s guided tutorial of the new and enhanced Exam software features…

How This Accountant Found the CPA Advice She Needed Most

In March 2016, Anastasia MacNeil made the choice — commitment, really — to earn her CPA license. Her commitment and advice will surely add some spark to your 2018 CPA Exam studies. For advice on how to do it right, she turned to and its CPA Candidates subreddit, “where the debits and credits flow like wine.”

2018 CPA Exam Changes & Updates to Wiley CPAexcel

The 2018 CPA Exam will have a number of notable content changes, most heavily in the FAR section, and will also feature a refreshed user interface come April. The Wiley CPAexcel online course, test bank, and mobile app have been updated in accordance with these content changes.

New Online Resource for CPA Candidates: CPAforum

We’re happy to announce we recently partnered with Proforums, a provider of online communities for professional exams, to launch a new free resource to help CPA candidates pass the CPA Exam: CPAforum. A Community Created for CPA Candidates CPAforum offers CPA candidates a place to discuss the CPA Exam with other CPA candidates using a…

3 Keys to Achieving Professional Success


Nothing is quite as encouraging as hearing success stories from CPAs who have gone before you. That’s why we recently sat down with Michael Marshall, CPA, CMA, CIA, and an External Audit Liaison for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board and successful Wiley CPAexcel student, who shared tons of great advice on how you can…

Motivations Matter: a CPA Exam Success Factor


Motivation Is Key to CPA Exam Success When successful candidates look back at their CPA Exam process, their motivation is something that really stands out, and it’s important to know that not all motivation is the same. In general, motivation is simply the degree to which a person wants and actively decides to engage in…