CIA Program Resources

Thinking About CIA

What is the CIA and is it for me?

Get the answers to the most asked questions about the exam.

What Does An Internal Auditor Do?

Internal Auditors are responsible for key functions within the accountancy field. Find out all they provide.

What Is CIA® Certification?

Find out what exactly CIA® Certification is, the advantages of certification, and basics about the exam.

What Does A Career In Internal Auditing Actually Look Like?

Here’s a quick overview of what a career in Internal Auditing may entail.

Certified Internal Auditor Basics

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam is a three-part series of tests administered by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IAA).

Exam Requirements, Fees and Scheduling

Exam Dates and Registration

Answers about when you can take the exam and the registration process.

CIA Program & Exam Costs

How much will it cost you to take the exam?

What are the CIA Program Requirements?

The CIA® program has specific education and experience requirements that you must meet to complete your certification.

How the CIA Exam is Scored

The CIA Exam is scored much differently—and understanding how it’s scored is essential for setting up your study plan.

Career Resources

Career Options For Certified Internal Auditors

A short overview of potential jobs and their expectations.

Continuing Professional Education for CIAs

What you need to know about Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.