CIA® Program Requirements: What’s Changed in 2018?

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor® is a great way to demonstrate your auditing expertise and elevate your accounting career. But, occasionally, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) adjusts the CIA program requirements to better fit the realities of the job market and the latest industry practices.

Which Part of the CIA® Exam Should You Take First?

With just 42% of candidates passing the Certified Internal Auditor Exam, it’s one of the hardest credentialing exams in accounting — at least on paper. Even so, you need to fully understand how the exam is formatted and how that knowledge can work to your advantage (or disadvantage). Let’s examine which part of the CIA exam you…

CIA® vs CPA – Which Is Right For You?

Becoming either a Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA) or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a great career choice. Both professional accounting credentials can help you to improve your skills, open doors to new job opportunities, and earn greater respect. But which is right for you?

So You Failed Part 1 of the CIA® Exam … Now What?

It happens. Despite the countless hours spent studying, every year thousands of accountants fail to pass the CIA® exam. So, don’t worry if you did not receive the score you were hoping for on Part 1 of the exam, you’re not alone. With the right attitude and study materials, you’ll be well on your way…

Certified Internal Auditor® Career Paths & Possibilities

Are you an accounting professional or student thinking of internal auditing as a career? In the face of national and global regulatory changes, internal auditing as a profession is rapidly expanding in scope and in influence — and it offers Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) professionals a range of promising career paths.

5 Great CIA® Exam Study Hacks

The Certified Internal Auditor® exam is challenging for even seasoned internal auditors. That’s because most auditors learn their craft piecemeal on the job, so may be unfamiliar with the methodologies used by the Institute of Internal Auditors. Here are a few hacks to help you efficiently prepare for the CIA exam …

Internal Auditor Salaries Continue to Rise

Internal Auditor Salaries

With more and more companies putting a focus on middle and back-office operations, internal auditors — and especially Certified Internal Auditors® — are in high demand. As a result, internal auditor salaries and compensation are increasing.

Reach Your Highest Career Potential with the CMA

Reach Your Highest Career Potential with the CMA certification

What Comes Next? Why You Should Consider Adding Your CMA If you’re interested in reaching your fullest career potential, you should consider earning your CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) credential. Adding the CMA certification to your resume proves you’ve mastered the critical operational and strategic aspects of running a business. These advanced skills are especially relevant…

Why CIA® Certification Matters

The Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) designation is the globally recognized hallmark of professional auditors and essential for increasing your skill set, industry connections and job prospects.