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Essentials to Help You Pass the CIA Exam

UWorld CIA content experts and instructors have 50+ years of experience training candidates around the world. Your course covers every exam topic, IIA professional standard, and question type—you focus on what you need to know to maximize your score.

Digital Study Guides

Based on the CIA Exam Syllabus developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), UWorld CIA Review Study Guides provide a student-focused and learning-oriented experience. Written in textbook style and format, the guides are the foundation of an effective CIA study program.

  • Include sample multiple-choice questions with answers and detailed explanations
  • Feature tree diagrams, line drawings, memory devices, tables, charts, and graphic text boxes to aid subject matter recall
  • Offer pointers and tips show how to build knowledge logically
  • Provide a complete glossary of CIA exam terms

UWorld CIA Review Study Guides
UWorld CIA Review practice questions

Challenging QBank

Use the UWorld CIA Review QBank to sharpen your skills, replicate the real test environment, identify weak areas for extra practice, customize question sets, and so much more.

  • Features 6,800+ multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with detailed answers in the 3-part course
  • Offers unlimited practice exams
  • Includes tools to track your performance
  • Highlights detailed answer explanations for every question

Premium Learning Technology

Whether you are creating digital flashcards while reviewing lectures, building custom practice tests in your QBank, or exploring diagrams and charts from your study guide, your materials help you boost retention and understanding for exam day success. Your course includes:

  • Personalized Performance Metrics
  • Digital Flashcard Builder with Spaced Repetition Technology
  • My Notebook – Digital Note Taking Tool
  • Companion UWorld Accounting Mobile App
  • Customizable Study Planner – Create Your Schedule

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