Entry-level Internal Auditors

Early in your career, you must have the basic skills to review an organization’s processes, operations and goals, and provide clear summary reports of your findings. Most positions are tailored toward recent college graduates, who preferably (but not always required to) hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration or computer information systems.

Potential Jobs: Auditor, Auditing Specialist, Risk Assessment Specialist, Financial Analyst, Internal Controls Auditor, Information Systems Auditor
Your internal auditing salary potential is… $39,000 to $88,000

Lead Internal Auditors

With roughly five years of Internal Audit experience under your belt, you’ll be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the organization as well as industry best practices. You’ll often be asked to work with management to monitor internal controls, mitigate risks posed to the organization and provide feedback about audit plans.

Potential jobs: Senior Internal Auditor, Lead Internal Auditor
Your internal auditing salary potential is… $60,000 to $98,000

Internal Audit Supervisors

With more experience—often with eight years minimum in the industry—comes more oversight and management of the auditors on staff. You’ll also be expected to assist in the planning, testing and executing of internal audit activities, and examine and monitor the company’s system of internal controls.

Potential Jobs: Audit Supervisor, Audit Manager, Risk Manager, Project Manager, Internal Audit Director
Your internal auditing salary potential is… $66,000 to $118,000

Internal Audit Executives

At this point in your career, after a decade or more of experience, you may be overseeing the internal audit department as well as participating in management and execution of audit plans, and lead and direct the audit team. A successful track record as an effective manager is a must.

Potential Jobs: Finance Director/VP, Chief Financial Officer, Controller
Your internal auditing salary potential is… $76,000 to $160,000