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Get your exam preparation off to a flying start with Wiley’s Early Start Classes for Level III of the CFA Program Exam. Whether you are re-taking the Level III CFA Program exam or tackling it for the first time, join Wiley’s new Lead Level III CFA Program instructor,  David Hetherington, CFA, and Chris Ansell, CFA, for three free live online classes designed to help you drill down on key exam topics.

In these intensive, interactive 90-minute courses, we’ll focus on the fundamentals and provide tips and advice for how you can boost your exam score in some of the toughest and most heavily weighted areas on the Level III CFA Program exam. Plus, join the IPS for Individuals class, and learn how to construct a written response in the essay section of the Level III CFA Program exam.

All classes will be recorded and available on demand. Don’t miss out – register now!

Saturday, December 1 – Now Available on Demand
Level III CFA Program Exam: IPS for Individuals
Instructor: David Hetherington

Saturday, November 3 – Now Available on Demand
Level III CFA Program Exam: Private Wealth Management
Instructor: Chris Ansell

Saturday, October 20 – Now Available on Demand
Level III CFA Program Exam: Asset Allocation
Instructor: Chris Ansell

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