How UWorld CFA Formula Sheets Help You Prepare for CFA Exam

UWorld’s CFA Formula Sheets were designed to give you an overview of every key equation used in the current CFA program curriculum and are organized by topic areas to help you learn the mathematical foundations tested on the exam quicker than ever.

CFA formula sheets help you organize information

The amount of information you’re asked to consume can be overwhelming. You’ll be asked to master formulas. And UWorld’s CFA Formula Sheets help organize everything with categorized formulas that correspond to each chapter of the CFA curriculum.

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CFA formula sheets help you understand concepts

As you progress through each level of the CFA program, the ability to understand the concepts and show your knowledge becomes more and more important. CFA formula sheets are a perfect addition to your reading material and other study tools and should be easily accessible during each and every study session.

CFA formula sheets equip you with practice tools

UWorld’s CFA Formula Sheets also equip you with the practice tools you need to reach your goal of passing each exam. Formula sheets can be used for drills by yourself as well as group study activities as you hone your knowledge with your peers.

CFA Level I Formula Sheet

UWorld’s CFA Level I Formula Sheet provides an overview of every key equation used in the Level I CFA exam, including DuPont analysis (a technique used to decompose return on investment (ROE) into its basic components) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). It’s organized by topic areas, beginning with Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA) and Ethics; the most heavily weighted on the Level I exam.You’ll dig into Quantitative Methods, Corporate Finance, and Economics next, followed by Equity Investments and Fixed Income. Derivatives, Alternative Investments, and Portfolio Management round out the Level I topics. You won’t be able to bring the sheet on exam day, but it’s an incredibly valuable resource during your season of preparation, and UWorld’s Formula Sheet is the best you’ll find.

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CFA Level II Formula Sheet

UWorld’s CFA Level II Formula Sheet is just as valuable of a resource as the Level I sheet. It offers an overview of all the key equations and is once again organized by the topic areas you’ll be studying as you prepare for exam day. Use your formula sheet whenever you have spare time to help you understand all of the formulas you’ll encounter on the exam, including Sharpe Ratio: (asset return – risk-free rate) / asset standard deviation. This measures for adjusting risk across investments and measuring return on the same scale. UWorld’s CFA Level II Formula Sheet is the best around, giving you exactly what you need to prepare for the Level II CFA exam.Get access to our Level II CFA Formula Sheets now.

CFA Level III Formula Sheet

The CFA level III exam requires the most preparation and study time, and UWorld’s CFA Level III Formula Sheet is one of the most important study tools you’ll find. It will help you understand the concepts and organize information with an overview of all the essential equations (all of which are organized by topic area). The Level III formula sheet from UWorld can’t be with you on exam day but remains one of the most valuable study tools available as you get ready for the final step on your CFA journey.Get access to our Level III CFA Formula Sheets now.

Using Your Calculator and CFA Formula Sheet

As you work through your CFA formula sheet, it’s important to remember how valuable of a resource your calculator can be. Your calculator can store formulas for you, as well as execute formulas, giving you an advantage during your CFA exam.Examples include the future value of single cash flow as well as NPV and IRR, which you’ll often find in conceptual questions on the exam. Another formula that will arise is the Gordon Growth Model, a formula that assumes that dividends will grow at a constant rate into perpetuity and is one of the most used formulas in the CFA curriculum.

Don’t Study for the CFA Exam Without Formula Sheets!

When it comes to studying for the CFA exam on each level, you shouldn’t create your study plan without formula sheets. Formula sheets are a proven resource to help organize information and understand concepts. They are also great as a practice tool for individual or group study.Whether you’re tackling covariance, liabilities, depreciation, expected return, or inventory turnover, UWorld’s Formula Sheets along with the wide variety of other study materials give you exactly what you need to achieve your goal of becoming a chartered financial analyst.

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CFA Formula Sheets – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CFA Formula Sheets.

  • The CFA Institute does not provide a formula sheet for the CFA exam, and that’s where UWorld’s trusted formula sheets offer an advantage to CFA candidates.
  • You will need to memorize some formulas for the CFA exam, but your calculator is a great resource on exam day as well.
  • There are 150-200 formulas in the CFA Program.
  • The best way to memorize finance formulas for the CFA exam is through repeated practice with UWorld’s CFA Formula Sheets.