The CFA Program Curriculum for 2024 Exams Is Here.

Get a head start on your studies for upcoming 2024 CFA Program Exams with box sets for Levels I, II, and III.

CFA Program Curriculum 2023 Available Now!

Taking the CFA exam in 2023? All official CFA Program exams delivered from February 2023 through November 2023 will reflect this curriculum. Get your copy and start studying now.

All 2023 CFA exam windows will reflect this curriculum. Purchase your copy now.

About the CFA Program Curriculum

Developed by CFA Institute and published by Wiley, the CFA Program Curriculum is the basis for all three levels of the official CFA exam. The curriculum is updated regularly to reflect the foundational knowledge relevant in today’s financial industry based on research conducted by CFA Institute on key trends impacting the investment profession.

The curriculum is built via the CFA Institute Education Advisory Committee made up of industry practitioners, university instructors, security market regulators, and policymakers to help CFA Program candidates cultivate the skills and knowledge they need for successful careers in the industry.


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