How To Master The Toughest Questions On The Level I CFA Exam

With the numerous topics covered on the CFA Exam, it can be difficult to prioritize where to focus your efforts. From net present value to internal rate of return, feeling overwhelmed with information is likely (and understandable!). To help prepare for the rigors of exam day, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet, which includes step-by-step instructions…

Free CFA Exam Level I Lecture: Evaluating Past Performance & Predicting Future Performance

Business woman analyzing financial data

When it comes to analyzing financial statements, it’s common to use a company’s past performance to help gain an understanding of its likely future performance. In this free video lecture from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review, Peter Olinto details how to evaluate a company’s past performance and predict its future performance using financial statement analysis.

Free CFA® Webinar: 11th Hour Study Tips & Tricks


December is fast approaching … To fully prepare you for the tough questions you’re guaranteed to see on Exam Day, we’re hosting a free one-hour webinar s with CFA expert Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA. Don’t miss it! 11th Hour Study Tips and Tricks with Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA Date: Saturday 7 November 2015 Time: 9am ET…

These Calculator Shortcuts Will Save Your Life During the CFA® Exam


What if we told you could save minutes–literally minutes–during the CFA®  Exam? That’s valuable time you could use to re-check your answers and ensure you get the highest score possible. And all you have to do is learn a few calculator shortcuts. Essential BA II Plus Calculator Shortcuts Maybe you’re familiar with this thing? It’s a  Texas…