July 9, 2019
6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. ET

In this webinar, Professor Kip Holderness, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., and Professor Monte R. Swain, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, will discuss simple tricks to help you move through multiple-choice questions more efficiently, answer more questions correctly, and maximize your score on exam day.

Get to Know Technology and Analytics Coming to the CMA Exam in 2020

One of the biggest changes to the exam will be introduced in Part 1, in a new section called “Technology and Analytics.” In a job analysis survey conducted by ICMA® (Institute of Certified Management Accountants), this topic was found to be the most sought-after skill set required for future CMAs as the accounting field expands to include knowledge of information systems, data governance, technology-enabled finance, and data analytics.

In this webinar, you’ll get a comprehensive rundown of the new Technology and Analytics section you can expect to see on the 2020 exam. That’s just one more way this session can help you prepare for (and pass) the CMA exam with confidence.

Here’s some of the information you’ll get when you register for this free 60-minute webinar:

  1. The CMA Exam Process
  2. Comparing CMA 2019 and CMA 2020 Exam Content
  3. Deep Dive into CMA 2020 Section on Technology and Analytics
  4. How to Approach Your Exam Decision
  5. How to Pass the Exam Using Wiley CMAexcel
  6. Q & A with the Experts

…and much more!

Featured Speakers:

Monte Swain, Ph.D., CMA, CPA
Professor, Brigham Young University

Monte Swain is the Deloitte Professor in the School of Accountancy at Brigham Young University. Since graduating from Michigan State University in 1991, he has researched and taught management accounting at Brigham Young University. Professor Swain has been the recipient of a number of teaching awards at both BYU and MSU. He is passionate about helping students and professionals pass the CMA exam as one of the lead authors and instructors for Wiley CMAexcel.

Kip Holderness, Ph.D., M.S., B.S.
Assistant Professor at West Virginia University

Dr. Kip Holderness is an Assistant Professor and Accounting Ph.D. Coordinator at West Virginia University, where he has taught since 2013. Prior to this, he has experience teaching accounting at Brigham Young University, where he studied.