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Taking the CMA exam is a significant milestone in your career, and you should be proud no matter your results. Here we’ll show you how to interpret your CMA exam score and what to do if you fail.

CMA Exam Results Quick Facts

  • The CMA exam score is a scaled score between 0-500, 500 being a perfect score and 360 being the minimum passing score.
  • It usually takes around one month for your CMA exam results to be posted.
  • There are three performance ratings: Satisfactory (S), Marginal (M), and Unsatisfactory (U).
  • If you fail, you are only required to retake the portions you did not pass.

Knowing how to properly interpret your CMA exam results is key to moving forward. Keep reading to learn how to understand your score.

Waiting for the CMA Exam Results

We know firsthand that waiting for your CMA exam results can feel like forever. Instead of letting your nerves get the best of you, be sure to breathe a sigh of relief! CMA exam preparation is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Be confident that you did the best you could, especially if you prepared with our Wiley CMA review course. Also, know that if you do not pass, we’re here to help you get back on your feet. With top-notch resources and study materials, we’ve got your back no matter your results.

What To Do While Waiting for CMA Exam Results

CMA exam results typically take over one month to be posted. Throughout these weeks, it’s easy to get caught up in worry and what-ifs. Here are some ways to ditch the nail-biting and remain optimistic.

  • Relax: Phew, you did it! Pat yourself on the back for getting through exam day. Now’s the time to enjoy a break from study time before plotting your next steps toward earning your CMA certification.
  • Maintain your routine: Going from rigorous exam prep to a mundane waiting period can feel like quite a shock. Once you’ve enjoyed a week or two off, maintaining a portion of your previous schedule can provide a sense of normalcy and keep you on track to achieve your goals. If you just completed CMA exam part 1, it may be helpful to browse exam part 2 materials to get a head start. Or, if there was a particular section you feel you may need to retake, check out some study materials for the topic areas you struggled with. Be sure to ease in slowly and take breaks when you need.
  • Practice good mental health habits: Simple daily habits like drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables, and getting a good night’s sleep are natural ways to alleviate stress while you wait for your CMA results. When thoughts of doubt sneak in, focus on calming your breath and staying positive.

CMA Exam Passing Scores

The CMA exam score is a scaled score between 0-500, 500 being a perfect score and 360 being the minimum passing score. Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exam are split between multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and essay questions. MCQs are worth 75%, while essay questions are worth 25%.

Note: You must earn a 50% on the MCQs correct in order to move on to the essay questions.

CMA Exam Score Release

The ICMA (Institute of Certified Management Accountants), the certifying body of the IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), will email your exam results to you approximately six weeks from the end of the month in which you’ve taken your test. Essays are graded offline by ICMA, which causes the waiting period.

The ICMA email provides all the information necessary to find out if you achieved a CMA exam passing score. At the time grades are released, results are also available online in your Account Profile transcript. Unfortunately, the ICMA does not share exam scores via telephone.

2022 Exam Window2022 Estimated* Score Release Dates
January and FebruaryMarch 14, April 11
May and JuneJuly 12, August 11
September and OctoberNovember 11, December 12

(*) Please note there are no official, set score release dates.

The CMA Exam Scoring Scale

Your CMA exam score is based on a scoring scale. Earning above a 360 on the 0-500 scale is the minimum passing rate. However, since it is a scaled score, this means a 360 does not equate to 72%.

It is solely a score, not a percentage. The scaled score allows CMA candidates to know how they performed in relation to the passing standard of 360.

Your CMA Exam Performance Report

Your Performance Reports will be sent via e-mail from Prometric to all candidates who take an exam part. These reports are emailed approximately 14 days after exam results are posted to the candidate’s profile.

Candidates who do not achieve a CMA exam passing score will receive a report that indicates their performance on each of the key topic areas in the multiple-choice section as well as their overall performance on the essay section of the exam.

There are three performance ratings: Satisfactory (S), Marginal (M), and Unsatisfactory (U).

What if I don’t get my CMA exam results?

If you do not receive your CMA exam results in the expected time period, contact the IMA.

What if I failed the CMA exam?

If you fail the CMA exam, know that over 50% of candidates do not pass on their first attempt. In addition, you are only required to retake the portions you did not pass. This is where your CMA exam performance report comes in handy. Use this report includes content specification as a guide to determine which topics require additional preparation.

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CMA Exam Results – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • CMA exam score release dates are approximately 6 weeks, or just over one month, to be posted.
  • You will know if you passed the CMA exam upon receiving your results. Candidates must receive over a 360 to pass.
  • A passing score is a good score on the CMA exam.
  • The minimum CMA passing score is 360.
  • The CMA pass rate, as of 2020, was 45% according to the IMA.
  • Yes, CMA candidates are allowed to retake either part of the two-part CMA exam. Note you are required to pay the exam registration fee again.