The CMA Exam is Changing in 2020

Results of ICMA’s most recent job analysis study showed content areas that needed to be adjusted to ensure the CMA exam continues to test expertise in the areas most demanded by employers and management accounting professionals.

Effective January 1, 2020:


Changes to Part 1: Technology is transforming the profession, and we want our CMAs to be prepared. Part 1 of the CMA exam will include a new section on Technology and Analytics.

New Title: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

New Content: Technology and Analytics, Integrated Reporting

Deleted Content: Internal Auditing


Changes to Part 2: Being able to apply an ethical and strategic framework to decision making in a complex, digital world is a skill every accounting and finance professional needs. Part 2 of the exam will expand the Professional Ethics and Decision Analysis sections.

New Title: Strategic Financial Management

New Content: Business Ethics, Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Deleted Content: Off-Balance-Sheet Financing, Bankruptcy, Tax Implications of Transfer Pricing


For more information, you can review the full 2020 CMA Exam Content Specifications and the 2020 ICMA Learning Outcome Statements.

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