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Efficient Learning or Surgent? Which CMA Course Is the Best?

The best CMA exam prep product is the one that is going to help you pass the exam—ideally, the first time you sit. But which features, support, and CMA study materials equal a greater chance of passing the exam? Manageable lessons, engaging instructors, high-quality practice materials, and cutting-edge technology all go a long way in getting you prepared for the exam and keeping you motivated along the way.

We know how crucial these features are to pass the exam, so you can expect to see all of these things included in every Efficient Learning CMA exam prep course. On the other hand, Surgent either does not offer all of these features or makes you upgrade to get them.

We offer the best CMA course because you get all of these standard features no matter which course you study with:

  • Unlimited Access Until You Pass
  • Access to a Full Team of CMA Certified Instructors Like Brigham Young School of Accountancy Professor Monte Swain
  • Deep Dive Video Lectures to Supplement Tough CMA Topics
  • 100% Coverage of ICMA LOS
  • Score Predictor to Estimate How Well You’ll Do on the Exam
  • Mobile App Access

CMA candidate Seanne Veniene Esguerra had great success studying with Efficient Learning.

“Efficient Learning really helped me build my understanding of the concepts from the ground up, apply these concepts in challenging test bank questions, and conquer time-pressured examinations. Their exam planner helped me organize my review period especially since I was pressed for time. Overall, great experience!” says Esguerra.

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Efficient Learning CMA vs. Surgent Comparison Chart

Here is a quick reference guide to help you compare the standard features of Efficient Learning CMA courses vs. Surgent CMA courses. If you study with Surgent, you miss out on deep dive videos. Plus, all Efficient Learning (now UWorld) instructors are Certified Management Accountants, which isn’t the case with Surgent.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Cost Comparison

Efficient Learning CMA course prices range from $1,200 to $1,500, while Surgent’s courses range from $699 for the bare bones of review materials to $1,699 for the most robust package. We offer two CMA review course options and Surgent has three.

Each course package comes with different levels of study materials and support, but both Efficient Learning packages come with more features than any of Surgent’s courses.

Efficient Learning’s courses include a robust lineup of standard features such as Unlimited Access Until You Pass, video lessons, thousands of multiple-choice questions, digital flashcards, and more. With Surgent, you have to upgrade to get some of those features, like video lessons, access until you pass, and flashcards.

Since you already get Efficient Learning’s standard features no matter which course you use, if you upgrade to study with our Platinum course, you get extra personalized support like:

  • Instructor Mentoring
  • Live CMA Virtual Classes
  • 11th Hour Final Review

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Technology and Software

The Efficient Learning platform is notable for its accessibility and user-friendliness. Key features of our technology include diagnostic exams, performance metrics, concise lessons, an exam planner, unlimited practice exams, and more. With Efficient Learning, you also receive a fully customizable study planner that organizes your schedule down to individual lessons. No matter which Efficient Learning course you choose, the extensive range of technological tools will help you track your progress, ensuring you pass the CMA exam on your first attempt.

Surgent also utilizes education technology and includes learning and exam-readiness technology in its courses.

CMA candidate Aleena studied with Efficient Learning and shares her experience below:

“Efficient Learning provided me with knowledge and insight into how the final exam is going to go. Every time I did practice questions, I felt like I was writing real exam answers which helped me a lot to manage my time and speed of attempting MCQs.”

She continues, “As far as the textbook, I suggest everyone grab this book without any doubt. The lectures and notes in the text are awesome. Not only the study materials, but they also provide a mobile application which I think is the best part of Efficient Learning. Thank you, Efficient Learning, for helping me to achieve my dream so easily,” says Aleena.

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Efficient Learning vs. Surgent CMA Review Course Access and Expiration

It’s important to know how long you have access to your course material. With Surgent, you get a different length of access depending on the course. Surgent’s Essentials course comes with 18 months of access, its Premier course comes with 24 months of access, and its Ultimate course comes with access until you pass.

With Access Until You Pass included in Efficient Learning courses, you get full course support until you pass the CMA exam.

Efficient Learning CMA vs. Surgent CMA Exam Practice Questions

Many CMA candidates report that they attribute their success on the exam to Efficient Learning’s extensive test bank that replicates the CMA exam. Our practice questions closely resemble real exam questions, so you feel confident when you take the exam. Efficient Learning practice materials include:

  • 6,000+ high-quality MCQs
  • Retired CMA exam questions
  • 100% coverage of ICMA LOS
  • 70+ exclusive essay questions
  • Unlimited customizable quizzes so you can focus on the areas you want to study most

Surgent’s test bank includes over 4,000+ MCQs and over 65 essay problems.

Aria and Justin studied for the CMA exam with Efficient Learning and found the practice questions to be very helpful in passing the exam on the first try.

“I was greatly impressed with the Efficient Learning study materials, and I felt the practice questions prepared me well to pass the exams the first time,” says Justin Holmstead.

“Efficient Learning provides a comprehensive array of learning materials that make for a flexible learning experience for users with different learning styles. The volume of test bank questions was a tremendous source of help as well,” says Aria Senatore.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Flashcards

Flashcards are helpful, because they can help you quickly reinforce important exam topics, and they help you study on the go. We understand the important role flashcards play in a well-rounded study plan, so you get more than 750 digital cards in both Efficient Learning CMA courses. Surgent on the other hand does not include flashcards in its courses unless you upgrade to the most expensive option.

CMA candidate Edward used Efficient Learning’s flashcards to help pass the exam.

“The practice MCQs and flashcards are what really prepared me for the exam the most,” says Edward Louie Camalongay.

Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Course Format

The CMA courses offered by Efficient Learning and Surgent are both online course formats. They are both self-study; however, Efficient Learning does offer live virtual classes with the Platinum course.

Efficient Learning courses have standard features that help you manage your time and reduce stress with the ability to adjust your study plan, like:

  • Full Team of CMA Certified Instructors
  • Test Bank
  • Mobile App Access
  • And More!

Plus, as mentioned, if you want access to live online classes or personal mentoring, Platinum will get you:

  • Instructor Mentoring
  • Live Online CMA Classes
  • 11th Hour Final Review Course

When you study with Surgent, you have to upgrade if you want access to some standard Efficient Learning features, like access until you pass and flashcards. Surgent does not offer deep-dive videos or Final Review in any of its courses.

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IMA Strategic Partner

Efficient Learning and Surgent are both official strategic partners of IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). This means that as the industry changes, your CMA exam review course will always be updated with the most current information and will reflect IMA standards.

UWorld is now an IMA Strategic Partner, which means you can expect quality, aligned CMA review materials in our new home.

Simulated CMA Mock Exams

You can reduce your nerves on exam day significantly by completing CMA practice tests that are designed to imitate the real exam. Going through customizable quizzes and full-length practice exams that mirror the actual interface helps you build stamina and practice honing your timing in preparation for the big day. Both Efficient Learning and Surgent provide unlimited practice exams.

Amanda Potas, CMA candidate, believes anyone can pass on the first try if they use all of Efficient Learning’s available study materials, including the practice exams.

“It is set up nearly identical to the actual exam, and it is truly possible to pass on the first try if all offered materials are utilized,” says Amanda.

Live Virtual Classes

As stated earlier, if you want some extra support through your exam journey, you can study with our Platinum CMA review course to get live online classes. These classes allow you to interact with real instructors who answer your questions on some of the more difficult topics.. Surgent only offers pre-recorded videos and does not have a live virtual classroom.

Efficient Learning CMA vs. Surgent Video Lectures

UWorld goes to great lengths to ensure CMA candidates have every resource they need to fully understand their learning materials. In addition to live online classes, Efficient Learning offers deep dive videos for all packages.

These in-depth videos give extra insight into the toughest CMA topics and are taught by top-notch university instructors. We also offer deep dive videos that layer information onto the core video and walk-through concepts. You will have all the resources you need to learn the information and pass the exam if you study with Efficient Learning.

Surgent does not offer deep dive videos and their 60+ video lectures only come with their Premier and Ultimate courses.

Efficient Learning’s (now UWorld’s) team of expert instructors helped CMA candidate Mayumi Saito grasp the information.

“Monte Swain really did a good job explaining lessons in the online platform, and that really helped me understand things more clearly,” says Mayumi.

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Efficient Learning vs. Surgent Summary

After comparing cost, value, study materials, technology, personalized support, and more, it’s clear that Efficient Learning is the best choice for CMA exam prep. Surgent cannot compete with our standard features or extra support features.

Give yourself the best chance of passing the CMA exam on your first attempt and study in our new home with UWorld.

UWorld CMA Review (Formerly Efficient Learning CMA) vs. Surgent Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple final FAQs about UWorld vs. Surgent.

  • Yes. UWorld is a better CMA course than Surgent because the UWorld product provides more features and support at a lower price point.
  • Yes, UWorld CMA offers flexible financing via a monthly payment plan with a trusted financial institution.

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