UWorld CMA Review Study Guides – 2024

Included In This Supplement

Get a complete study guide for both CMA exam parts.

UWorld’s CMA Review Study Guides are thoroughly updated annually to ensure you study everything you need to know for the latest CMA exam. We cover all topics, learning outcome statements, and question types so you can feel confident on exam day.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Key definitions for each lesson accompanied by engaging charts, graphs, and outlines
  • Emphasis on the most highly testable topics on the exam
  • Tip and tricks for exam success
  • Practice questions and detailed answer explanations

UWorld CMA Review Study Guides focus on…

  • Concepts you’re most likely to encounter on exam day: Study text appears side by side with practice questions and clear explanations to enhance your understanding.
  • Seamless integration with the UWorld platform: Your study guides align with UWorld CMA Review Course video lectures, QBanks, and Mock Exams for a complete and engaging exam prep experience.
  • Convenience: Read study guide content on the go with the UWorld Accounting mobile application. Download the app, connect to the web, log in, and start studying immediately.