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Completing a final review in the last weeks before your exam will dramatically improve your pass rate on the CMA exam. The Wiley CMA 11th Hour Final Review features expert guidance from Steve Smith, CMA and Associate Professor at Brigham Young University, and is designed to ensure you are fully prepared and confident on exam day.

How to Treat Non-Allocated Variable Costs

Variable costs have direct correlation to some allocation base, and fixed costs are not impacted by sales or manufacturing volume, but here’s my question. How do I treat expenses that vary but aren’t driven by sales, manufacturing, etc?

If the two expense accounts “supplies” and “repairs and maintenance” are related to the manufacturing of a product, then they would be included in manufacturing overhead. This would then be assigned to work-in-process based on an allocation base. If the manufacturing overhead were split into a variable amount and a fixed amount, both would be assigned to the product based on two different allocation bases. When “supplies” and “repairs and maintenance” relate to the selling and administration expenses, aka operating expenses, then they would be expensed as incurred.

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Part 2: Strategic Financial Management with Marj Yuschak, MBA, CMAdown-arrow

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