How much do CMAs earn? Get IMA’s latest Global Salary Survey to find out.

Download IMA’s 2019 Global Salary Survey

Globally, holders of the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) are paid well— about 57% more than their non-CMA peers. That’s according to the 2019 Global Salary Survey from IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants).

Download the 2019 Global Salary Survey and See How You Stack Up

Responses from IMA members worldwide yielded rich data on the salary and total compensation of management accounting professionals by level of certification, gender, age, geographic region, and much more. The latest IMA Global Salary Survey for 2019 is now available. Complete the form on this page to download the report.

Considering the CMA? You Should Be.

Overall, CMA holders earn 57% more than non-CMAs—and that’s just base salary. This gap isn’t going unnoticed by non-CMAs. In fact, of those respondents who currently don’t hold the CMA, 85% intend to earn the certification in the near future.

2019 US Salary Survey