CFA Level III Study Guide- 2022

Included In This Supplement

LOS Tracker
  • We cover each and every Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) in the CFA Program curriculum. Gain the confidence you need in each subject matter through this through and yet powerful lesson organization.
  • The LOS Tracker, which tells you exactly where every single learning outcome statement is covered in the CFA Program curriculum. Whenever you feel you require more background information you can easily flip to the exact page on which the relevant concept is discussed in the curriculum.
A Smarter Way to Prep
  • Color-Coded The color-coding feature, which makes it easier for you to follow cases and examples that make references to graphs and sets of financial statements.
  • Explanatory Graphs Most subjects, especially Economics, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income use plenty of figures and diagrams to illustrate important concepts. Our study guides include all those figures and additional commentary to make the material easily understandable.

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