UWorld’s Level II CFA® Program 11th Hour Final Review Course

Includes Everything You Need to Pass the CFA Program Exam

Exam Planner & Personalized Study Schedule to keep your studies on-track
30-45 Minute Bite-Sized Lessons – learn faster and retain more!
Dashboard & Performance Metrics to track your progress
25+ hours of Video Lectures from our outstanding Instructors
90+ pages of Formula Sheets
11th Hour Final Review Mock Exam
11th Hour Review Study Guide (print or ebook)
Access the most up-to-date curriculum simply by entering your exam date

Study with the best CFA exam prep

Bite-Sized Lessons
  • We created Bite-Sized Lessons for real-world CFA Program Exam candidates just like you.
  • These efficient mini-lessons cover everything you need to know about a specific exam topic in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Learn when you want. Never worry about missed lectures. Listen to any speaker or topic as many times as you need.
Don’t just learn, understand – with the essential 11th Hour Final Review Course
  • Make sure you’re ready to pass the 2023 CFA® Program Exam, with Bite-Sized Lessons that break down the complexities, plus Video Lectures and a webinar with our outstanding instructor team.
  • All delivered via the UWorld Efficient Learning platform which is specifically designed to give students a clear and concise insight into the vital elements of the curriculum. With our built-in dashboard and performance metrics, mock exam and lesson assessments; you’ll be able to focus on the areas that need your attention and ensure you’re improving right up to exam day.