Jad G. Doumith, CFA, FRM

CFA Instructor

  • Level I CFA Program Exam
  • Level II CFA Program Exam
  • Level III CFA Program Exam
  • Risk Management
  • B.S. in Business Administration, from Universite Saint-Joseph
  • Master of Financial from Universite Saint-Joseph
  • CFA Review Instructor at Wiley CFA Review
  • CFA & FRM Lead Review Instructor at Finance and Risk Institute (FRI)
  • Founder and CEO of Finance and Risk Institute
  • Co-founder and General Manager of Risk+ Solutions
  • Senior Examiner at The Banking Control Commission of Lebanon


Jad Doumith is a CFA Review Instructor for Wiley and a Lead CFA and FRM Instructor for Finance and Risk Institute (FRI). As an instructor with Wiley, he teaches all topics of the CFA Level III exam in addition to handling office hour sessions for CFA Levels I and II exams covering topics such as Quantitative Methods, FRA, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Economics, and Alternative Investments. He has taught all 3 levels of the CFA® Program exam at FRI since 2010.

In addition to being a CFA and FRM exam review instructor, Jad Doumith is the founder and CEO of Finance and Risk Institute, a company offering professional banking trainings and CFA® and FRM® classes for several hundred candidates annually. He is also the co-founder and General Manager of Risk+ Solutions, a Fintech company based in Beirut that specializes in developing and implementing end-to-end risk management and financial intelligence solutions in addition to offering risk management consulting services to leading financial institutions and central banks in the GCC region.

Before founding and co-founding those businesses, Jad Doumith worked for 10+ years in central banking supervision in the areas of Market, Liquidity, Interest Rate Risk, and the Licensing of Structured Products and Investment Funds with a deep involvement in designing regulatory stress tests, conducting onsite risk assessment missions, and monitoring banks’ portfolios of financial instruments including investment funds and structured products.


Experience Specialization:

  • Founder and CEO of Finance and Risk Institute
    • Professional Banking Trainings
    • CFA® and FRM® Classes for Several Hundred Candidates Annually
  • Co-founder andGeneral Manager of Risk+ Solutions
    • Implementation of End-to-End Risk Management and Financial Intelligence Solutions
    • Risk Management Consulting Services
  • 10+ Years in CentralBanking Supervision
    • Market
    • Liquidity
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Licensing of Structured Products and Investment Funds
    • Designing Regulatory Stress Tests
    • Conducting Onsite Risk Assessment Missions
    • Monitoring Banks’ Portfolios of Financial Instruments Including Investment Funds and Structured Products

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