FRM Quant Questions: How They Are Different


With the FRM exam on the horizon, our lead author Christian Cooper has created some Tough Topics videos for FRM Part I and FRM Part II – you can view them here. Below is an introduction to one of the areas of focus, Quant Reasoning.  A lot of candidates on the FRM exam are intimidated by the…

FRM Exam Study Tips

Young man using a laptop

  Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow… With the FRM exam a few weeks away, you’re hopefully settled in to a solid rhythm of study by now. Still, it’s important to take a step back at this stage and make sure you’re focussed not just on the content but how you’re digesting it….

10 Study Tips to Ace the 2018 CIA Exam


Passing the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA) exam is no easy feat. It’s estimated that roughly 40 percent of candidates people pass the CIA exam each year. But don’t stress: We’ve compiled this list of 10 great CIA exam study tips to help you boost your score.

5 BIG Mistakes CPA Exam Candidates Make Every Day


It’s no secret that CPA exam prep is grueling, emotional, and exhausting. Every moment is precious and strategy is key. Few people are more familiar with the stresses of exam prep than Jeff Elliot, licensed CPA and the face behind Jeff has been helping people pass the CPA Exam since 2010, and in his…

Free CFA® Webinar: 11th Hour Study Tips & Tricks


December is fast approaching … To fully prepare you for the tough questions you’re guaranteed to see on Exam Day, we’re hosting a free one-hour webinar s with CFA expert Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA. Don’t miss it! 11th Hour Study Tips and Tricks with Darren Degraaf, CMA, CFA, CPA Date: Saturday 7 November 2015 Time: 9am ET…

How a 17-Year-Old Passed the CPA Exam

how a 17 year old passed the CPA Exam

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new CPA in town. Her name is Belicia Cespedes and she was just 17 years old when she passed her CPA Exam. You read that right, 17. Which pretty much makes Belicia the world’s youngest CPA.

What Makes for a Good CFA Candidate? Do You Have It?


Not everyone is destined to earn a CFA® designation. Before you tackle the CFA Exam, you need to take an honest assessment of your abilities and career goals. Can you really hack it? It turns out that many of the attributes that make for a good CFA candidate are the same ones that make for a…