Forensic Accounting Careers: Free Webinar


Accounting is much more than auditing and tax prep. One of the fastest-growing (and well-paying) areas of accounting is forensic accounting and fraud prevention. Find out how to use your accounting skills to detect and stop fraud during a free webinar hosted by AccountingFly this Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 2 p.m. EST. Register your seat…

Are You Sure You Want to Get a CFA?


  Let’s face it: Most people want to get a CFA to stand out from the competition, and to earn more over their career. But those are just a couple of the ways that passing the exam can help you. Here are some of the other reasons why it’s worth taking on the challenge of becoming…

4 Time-Tested Tips for Passing the CFA Exam the First Time


You’ll need time, commitment, and perseverance to pass each of the Chartered Financial Analyst exam’s three levels, and even really smart and experienced candidates have been known to get snagged. As you probably know, the exam has a low overall pass rate of roughly 40%. If you aren’t prepared, you’re not likely to make it through….

The Hardest Parts of the CFA Exam

difficult topics cfa oct

Way back in 1963, when the very first CFA exam was given, there was just one level, and 94% of the 284 candidates passed. Of course, the exam (and everything else) has changed a whole bunch since then. Now the pass rate is a lot lower, and as you plan your studies, it’s important to know…