Wiley’s Level II and III CFA® Program Refresher Workshops

With the June CFA® Program exam being pushed to December, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a study plan in place to ensure you maintain your studies and retain the information you need to pass the exam. To help keep you on track, from June to October, Wiley is offering new…

CFA® Exam Computer-Based Testing in 2021: What You Need to Know

On August 4th, 2020, the governing body for the CFA® Program exam announced that the 2021 exams would be moving to computer-based testing (CBT) for all three levels. This change allows for a variety of benefits, like social distancing, more testing locations, and more certainty around planning for your exam. For example, in the past,…

June 2019 CFA® Exam Review Courses Now Available

The 2018 CFA exam results are out. Congratulations if you received a passing score as this is a massive accomplishment. If you didn’t get a passing score, don’t give up. With the right study materials, you have plenty of time to study and be well on your way to receiving that passing mark in 2019.

Get Ready to Pass the Level I CFA® Exam This December

Prepare to Pass the Level I CFA® Exam This December with Wiley Darren Degraaf, lead instructor for Wiley’s Level I CFA Exam Review is hosting weekly, live online classes for the December Level I in Wiley’s Virtual Classroom Series. Each week, Darren will drill into fundamental topics and show how to solve the kinds of…

Tales From CFA Exam Hell – June 2018 Edition

Ah, hear that? That’s the sound of 227,000 CFA candidates around the world collectively sighing out the last of their tension and anxiety following another harrowing CFA exam. It’s finally over — but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun! It’s time for …  Tales From CFA Exam Hell – June 2018 Edition!