2019 CIA Exam Changes & Course Updates

2019 CIA Exam Changes & Course Updates

At Wiley CIA Exam Review, we don’t want you to simply pass the CIA Exam. We want you to be the best Certified Internal Auditor you can be and to advance your career. That’s why Wiley CIA Exam Review Products were designed specifically to sharpen your skills, replicate the real test environment, identify and tag weak areas for extra practice, customize question sets, and so much more – ensuring you have everything you need to be prepared on exam day.

What’s Changing on the 2019 CIA Exam?

Part One and Part Two

Part Three

Wiley CIA Exam Review Course Updates (December 2019)

In response to customer demand for richer, more in-depth content in advance of the 2019 CIA Exam, Wiley CIA Exam Review now includes:

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