CFP Study Guide

Included In This Supplement

Drawing from decades of combined experience as both teachers and Certified Financial Planners®, the authors cover 100% of CFP® exam domains:

  • Professional Conduct and Regulation (7%)
  • General Principles of Financial Planning (17%)
  • Educational Planning (6%)
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning (12%)
  • Investment Planning (17%)
  • Tax Planning (12%)
  • Retirement Savings and Income Planning (17%)
  • Estate Planning (12%)


Clear and accurate chapters review each essential detail of the current CFP® curriculum, from establishing the client-planner relationship to developing, implementing, and monitoring recommendations.

The CFP® Study Guide:

  • Features up-to-date information, practical study tips, expert test-taking advice, key term definitions, and color-coded examples.
  • Covers every Principal Knowledge Topic of the CFP® curriculum.
  • Breaks down difficult concepts into easy-to-digest pieces.
  • Explains the principles of each exam domain in the context of real-life financial planning situations.