UWorld (NYSE: JWA and JWB) announced that David Hetherington, CFA, has been appointed Lead Instructor for UWorld’s Level III CFA Program Exam Review.  David joins from Kaplan Schweser where he was CFA Program Level III Manager and Vice President. This move strengthens Peter Olinto, CFA, CPA (inactive), JD, Darren Degraaf, CFA, CPA (US), CMA, PRM, and Basit Shajani, CFA, who developed the popular Elan Guides, which UWorld acquired in 2014.

David has earned an international reputation for presenting the absolute best in CFA Program education and review and has served as the national instructor for Stalla CFA Review for over 15 years, winning the instructor of the year award multiple times. With over 30 years’ experience helping CFA Program candidates at all levels pass their exams and teaching CFA Program exam preparation classes all over the world, David brings his vast experience, a keen understanding of the CFA Program curriculum, and engaging style to teach UWorld’s Level III weekly live online classes leading up to the June 2019 exam. In addition to the Virtual Classes, David will record and deliver in-depth, engaging video lectures for UWorld’s CFA Program Exam Review preparation materials, including their Level III Platinum course with 11th Hour Final Review, professional mentoring, study guide, practice questions, mock exams, exam planner and powerful performance metrics.

“We’re excited to add one of the best CFA Program Level III instructors in the world, David Hetherington, to the UWorld team,” said Evan Burton, Director of Product Management at UWorld Efficient Learning. “His addition furthers our mission to build the most personalized, approachable, and comprehensive prep experience available globally.”

David Hetherington, Lead Level III CFA Instructor at UWorld, responded, “I joined UWorld because they have the people, the resources, and the commitment to provide candidates what they need to succeed.  I share UWorld’s vision – put the candidates first.  Level III is the final chapter at the end of a long road.  We will build on the work of my team-mates Peter Olinto and Darren Degraaf at Level I and II to expand candidates’ knowledge – and confidence – to pass the CFA Program exam, become charterholders, and build long-term, successful careers.”

Before teaching, David began his career as an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics after receiving a BA in economics from Duke University.  He spent 10 years working as an equity analyst and portfolio manager and subsequent to that, served for 10 years as a senior portfolio manager and Managing Director of Fixed Income at Nations Bank, where he was responsible for both fixed income securities and derivatives. His passions include downhill skiing, cycling, and explaining difficult material in a practical manner.

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