The Future of Accounting Belongs to CMAs


The Future of Accounting Is Here Automation and Artificial Intelligence are changing traditional accounting practices every day around the world. If you’re a CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) you aren’t worried. CMAs have mastered the 11 most crucial practice areas in management accounting, meaning they’ll be the ones making the big decisions and setting the strategy…

5 Great Pieces of Advice from a Successful CMA

Betsy, one of our prized students prepared for and successfully completed all four parts of the CPA Exam in 2017. She accomplished this after already receiving her CMA certification. Throughout the study prep process, Betsy, a mother of four, held and still holds a demanding, senior-level job. We were so impressed with her accomplishments in…

CIA® Program Requirements: What’s Changed in 2018?

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor® is a great way to demonstrate your auditing expertise and elevate your accounting career. But, occasionally, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) adjusts the CIA program requirements to better fit the realities of the job market and the latest industry practices.

How This California-based CPA Crushed the CPA Exam

Thoroughness and diligence were the M.O. for California-based Helen Singh. The accounting and finance pro knows what it means to buckle down and that’s exactly what she did when it was time to prepare for her CPA Exam. “Studying is your top priority,” she says. Somehow, stating the obvious resonates when Helen speaks. “Everything else—work,…

FRM Quant Questions: How They Are Different


With the FRM exam on the horizon, our lead author Christian Cooper has created some Tough Topics videos for FRM Part I and FRM Part II – you can view them here. Below is an introduction to one of the areas of focus, Quant Reasoning.  A lot of candidates on the FRM exam are intimidated by the…

Get Ready to Pass the Level I CFA® Exam This December

Prepare to Pass the Level I CFA® Exam This December with Wiley Darren Degraaf, lead instructor for Wiley’s Level I CFA Exam Review is hosting weekly, live online classes for the December Level I in Wiley’s Virtual Classroom Series. Each week, Darren will drill into fundamental topics and show how to solve the kinds of…

Tales From CFA Exam Hell – June 2018 Edition

Stress business woman

Ah, hear that? That’s the sound of 227,000 CFA candidates around the world collectively sighing out the last of their tension and anxiety following another harrowing CFA exam. It’s finally over — but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun! It’s time for …  Tales From CFA Exam Hell – June 2018 Edition!