Lean Auditing (Part 3): Rethinking Internal Audit Using Lean Techniques to Enhance Value & Improve Productivity

This is the last in a three-part article on Lean Auditing by by James C. Paterson, Director of Risk & Assurance Insights, Ltd. In part one, Mr. Paterson briefed detailed the principles behind lean and provided some useful examples of using the methodology in audit work in part two. Here, he provides additional examples of using lean and…

Free FRM Exam Resource: Formula Sheets

With the numerous responsibilities and obligations that come with day-to-day life, finding time to study for the FRM exam can be a tough task to tackle. Our downloadable formula sheets will help you make the most of your study time. To help you better prepare for the rigors of exam day, Wiley has prepared downloadable…

Top Tips to Pass the Level III CFA Exam in 2017

You’ve passed the Level I & II CFA Exams – now it’s on to Level III. The Level III CFA exam is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the CFA program before. Understanding how the exam is structured and how to approach it is essential for a passing score. As most of you already know, time…

Top 10 Tips to Pass the Level II CFA Exam in 2017


Now that you’ve got Level I under your belt, it’s time to jump-start your studies for the Level II exam. As you’ll soon discover, the Level II exam has its own set of unique challenges to pass it the first time. To help you jump-start your studies for 2017, Wiley’s CFA Exam Review team has…

PMP Crossword Puzzle

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A Blueprint For International Student Success On The CPA Exam

British Flags

A CPA license is one of the most sought-after accounting credentials in the world and, each year, tens of thousands of international students sit for the CPA Exam. But because the exam is only offered in English, it can be extremely challenging to pass. Here’s how one international student found success.