CMA Study Techniques While at Work


In the United States and North America, 51% of candidates pass Level 1 of the CMA Exam and 54% pass Level 2. Worldwide, however, those numbers decrease to only 31% for Level 1 and 47% for Level 2. Statistically, these pass rates indicate that approximately just one out of two people who take the test may not pass on…

Surefire Ways to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview Questions

Congratulations! You’ve secured an interview with the accounting firm of your dreams…or perhaps just the first company that called you back. Whether you’re nervously awaiting your time in front of the firing line or confidently expecting to bowl over your interviewers and be offered a job or internship on the spot…stop and take a moment…

2015 CPA Exam Review Course Updates – MORE is Better!


If you’re like most people preparing for the 2015 CPA Exam, you simply want MORE — more lectures, more real-world examples, more practice questions. Well, we’re giving you a whole lot more with Wiley CPAexcel’s new content updates for the 2015 CPA Exam. There’s no download or install required. All of the 2015 CPA Exam…

10 Essential CPA Exam Study Tips


There’s no way around it: Studying is hard work! Especially when it comes to the CPA Exam, old study habits that worked in college–like last-minute “cramming” or all-nighters–simply won’t cut it. To ensure you’re relaxed and prepared (and well rested!) on Exam Day, follow these 10 essential CPA Exam study tips.