CMA vs. MBA: 5 Reasons The CMA May Make More Sense


For many accounting professionals, there comes a time when they’ll be asked or ask themselves which credential is better: CMA or MBA? The answer, of course, depends on what you want for your career. However, pursuing CMA certification may be more beneficial than an MBA for a number of reasons … 

How To Master The Toughest Questions On The Level I CFA Exam

With the numerous topics covered on the CFA Exam, it can be difficult to prioritize where to focus your efforts. From net present value to internal rate of return, feeling overwhelmed with information is likely (and understandable!). To help prepare for the rigors of exam day, we’ve prepared a cheat sheet, which includes step-by-step instructions…

Top 10 Questions CPA Candidates Have Ahead Of The Exam


We recently hosted a webinar on how to maximize your CPA Exam score (watch the recording for free here). Tons of people participated and there were some great questions asked of the host, Denise Probert, CPA, CGMA, Wiley’s Director of Curriculum for Accounting Exam Prep. Here are the top 10 questions CPA candidates have ahead of the exam–with Denise’s…

Alarm Bells: CMBS, OIS and Liquidity Spreads

That Rings a Bell

As of January, manufacturing, industrial, and employment data all paint an increasingly bleak picture for economic growth in the United States. The winning trade for 2016 may be just to try and stay even. (Learning Objective: Explain how a country’s position in the economic growth life cycle, political risk, legal risk, and economic structure affect…

Free CFA Exam Level I Lecture: Evaluating Past Performance & Predicting Future Performance

Business woman analyzing financial data

When it comes to analyzing financial statements, it’s common to use a company’s past performance to help gain an understanding of its likely future performance. In this free video lecture from Wiley’s CFA® Exam Review, Peter Olinto details how to evaluate a company’s past performance and predict its future performance using financial statement analysis.

Keyboard Outperforms Mouse on Exam Day


Time is of the essence when it comes to the CMA exam, where just a few moments can either make or break or your score. Today’s time-saving tips come to you by way of Jan Kooiman, certified CMA and CMA instructor. The main takeaway: Keyboard trumps mouse on test day! 1. Select your answers with…

5 BIG Mistakes CPA Exam Candidates Make Every Day


It’s no secret that CPA exam prep is grueling, emotional, and exhausting. Every moment is precious and strategy is key. Few people are more familiar with the stresses of exam prep than Jeff Elliot, licensed CPA and the face behind Jeff has been helping people pass the CPA Exam since 2010, and in his…