5 Big Reasons to Choose CMA Over MBA


Many accounting professionals reach the point in their career where they are faced with a decision: CMA or MBA? We’re here to make this decision easier by providing the 5 big reasons why we’re decisively pro-CMA. If you’re torn between which career path to take, look no further.

Early Warning Signs of Project Failure


Let’s be honest. Projects do not become distressed overnight.  They go from “green” to “yellow” to “red” and along the way, there are plenty of warning signs that failure may be imminent or that immediate changes may be necessary.  Ignoring warning signs will undoubtedly result in serious trouble for your project. The earlier the warning…

Market Risk: Approaching All Time Highs


If you have read anything on the FRM blog, you know my thoughts on the economy have been quite negative — and I see even more headwinds in the near future. Stocks are reaching all-time highs on corporate buybacks funded by newly issued debt as a free money gift from the Federal Reserve. Across every…

A Day In The Life Of A Tax Manager

Weight tax concept 1

For this installment of our A Day In The Life Of A CPA series, Anthony Ozuna, CPA, a tax manager for Cupit, Milligan, Ogden & Williams in Reno, Nevada, walks us through a typical—and not so typical—day helping clients and businesses understand and mitigate their tax burdens. 

CGMA vs. CMA: Why The CMA Makes More Sense (Right Now)


Not a day goes by that we aren’t asked us about which accounting credential is “the best.” There is an alphabet soup of credentials out there—and determining the right one for you requires knowing what you’re interested in (and good at). Today, we’re comparing credentials for management accountants—the CGMA vs. CMA.