How One Man Passed the CMA Exam & Won ICMA® Bronze Medal


Passing the CMA Exam is an amazing achievement. Passing it and winning the 2015 ICMA® Bronze Medal? That’s downright astonishing. And it’s exactly what David Unterdorfer did (with the help of Wiley CMAexcel), getting the third highest score of the 5,726 people who took the exam last year.

Searching for Yield Ahead of a China Slowdown


It is no secret the Federal Reserve will be raising the Fed Funds rate through 2016. The short rate isn’t the only tool at the Fed’s disposal and it will likely begin large-scale reverse repos (Interest Rates [FMP–4]) as an additional tool to drain excess liquidity from the markets.

CMA Exam Lecture — Keep or Drop Decisions

Man in white and maze.

All businesses eventually face it: The hard decision on whether they should keep a product or business segment or let it go. Certified Management Accountants are crucial in informing these decisions. This free CMA Exam lecture covers the basics of a Keep Or Drop Decision.