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Wiley CMAexcel has just added over 1,000 new questions to our Platinum Review Course – bringing our total number of questions to over 4,000. This means we can give you even better assessments, metrics, and evaluations to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the CMA exam. These questions have been hand-picked by our expert team of authors to guarantee the highest quality.

Revenue Recognition

Most importantly, the new Revenue Recognition standards are being implemented throughout the Test Bank featured in the Platinum Review Course. These affect the Revenue lesson in Part 1 but touch six additional lessons through the course, and all are being updated where needed. These curriculum changes are eligible for testing on January 1, 2019.

LOS Mapping

Because the Learning Outcome Statements were updated at the beginning of the summer, the Test Bank’s mapping to the new LOSs is being updated to match.


The COSO ERM helix is eligible for testing on September 1, 2018, which means, for those sitting for the CMA exam in September or October, there’s not a lot of time to drill your knowledge.  Changes to the appropriate lesson are taking place this month, so you’ll have at least a full month to nail this topic.

More on the way …

The November update will be a big one — with the inclusion of all our completely overhauled lessons as well as a fully reworked Part 1, Sections C and D. The venerable Monte Swain is the subject-matter expert and lecturer for these parts.

But don’t forget: We’re in the process of adding up to 300 new practice questions by November!

Yes, the most comprehensive CMA Exam Review Course on the market just got even bigger and even better.

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