Accounting Basics Course

This Career-Readiness Course Enhances Your Skills By:

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Demonstrating a general knowledge of key financial statements and how the audit process works
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Understanding ratios and key indicators of a company’s health.
CPA study guides
Navigating financial documents to help you make stronger decisions in both business and personal finances
CPA flashcards
Getting a better understanding of accounting to see if this is a field you want to explore for your career

Included In This Course:

Online video lessons with study guides
  • Video lessons both lay out key concepts and show those concepts in action
  • Accompanying online study guides succinctly capture key concepts for additional review
  • Session assessments enable you to test your new knowledge and retention
  • Lessons are built so that you end the course with a novice understanding of reading financial documents to assess company health and finances
Acclaimed and Experienced Instructor

Ben Jones, CPA, VDA, CFP®, Principal – Opus Financial Systems, LLC is an acclaimed expert in his field. By conveying his own experience, Ben provides real-world and clear examples of these concepts so you easily and quickly grasp the concepts.

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