What if we were to say to you that you could get access to more than 1,000 online practice questions as well as multiple full-length mock exams in preparation for your Level I and Level II CFA exams?

Would that be something you’d be interested in? What if we were to tell you it only costs $145 per CFA exam level? 

Well, UWorld’s CFA Test Bank is real … and it’s available now for the Level I and Level II CFA exams.

Practice to Pass Anytime, Anywhere

UWorld’s CFA Test Bank is the perfect addition to any CFA study plan. It’s fully optimized and accessible anytime online via desktop, tablet or mobile device.

“Thank you for creating such awesome and comprehensive notes and mock exams…Words can’t express how thankful for all your hard work in helping me prepare!”- Shobana, USA

500+ CFAI-style Questions Per Level

First and foremost, the CFA Test Bank gives you access to 500+ online practice questions for each level of the CFA exam.

These are not repeated or reworded questions. All our practice questions closely mirror the wording and format of actual CFA Institute exam questions. This way you’ll be exposed to and ready for common misdirections and problems on exam day.

“I really loved your way to prepare a student via mocks. I was amazed to see at least 25 question in both morning and evening session exactly at same pattern as you guys gave.” – Aakash, UAE

Cool Feature: Quiz Builder

In just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on your screen, you can customize your own quizzes and question drills.

The CFA Test Bank includes an easy Quiz Builder tool that lets you organize and tackle practice questions based on topic, unseen questions, and other parameters.

This way you can learn the concepts behind the questions rather than simply memorizing answers.

Mock CFA Exams

The CFA Test Bank includes two full-length mock exams for the Level I CFA exams and one mock exam for Level II.

Each mock exam is designed to provide an experience that closely resembles the actual CFA exam in the style, structure and construction of questions. Learn to manage your time and get full answer rationales for each question.

Best of all, you can take the mock exams as many times as you like!

“I recently took the Level 1 exam … Your mock exam also closely replicate the real exams. I will definitely use your materials for Level II.” — Rehaaz, Canada

Cool Feature: Progress Metrics

Available with both the Quiz Builder and in the mock exams, our progress metrics show you exactly how your preparation is progressing.

You’ll know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are so you can better focus your study efforts.

All For Just $245 — Or As Part of UWorld’s CFA Review Course

Great news if you’ve already purchased a CFA Review Course from UWorld. The CFA Test Bank is included as part of UWorld’s Platinum, Gold, Silver and Self-Study course options.

It’s also available as a separate, stand-alone product for just $245 per exam level.

Check our CFA Exam Review product page for current offers when purchasing your Level I and Level II  CFA study materials.