We’ve hinting for the last month or so about the launch of our new CFA® review course. Now the wait is over!

Purchase one our CFA review course packages (four options ranging from $545 to $1,245) and get everything you need to pass the Level I and Level II CFA Exams.

CFA Platinum Review Course

The Ultimate CFA Review Course

Built with content from Elan Guides, Wiley Efficient Learning’s new CFA Review Course features video lectures, problem-solving examples, and mentoring by some of the most respected CFA instructors in the world, including Basit Shajani, CFA, and Peter Olinto, CPA, JD.

The course also includes:

  • Bite-Sized Lessons ™ Complex topics are broken down into manageable mini lessons with engaging lecture videos, study texts, practice questions and assessments. This method has been proven to help you learn faster and retain more of what you learn.
  • Adaptive Study Planner – The new Exam Planner maps out your study sessions down to the day based on your available time or planned exam date. It updates automatically as you complete your lessons and master concepts.
  • 3,250+ Practice Questions – Access to a trove of practice questions (2,000+ for Level I and 1,250+ for Level II) that closely mirror the format and style used by the CFA Institute on the actual CFA exam.
  • Mock Exams – complete a full-length mock exams (2 for Level I and 1 for Level II)  in conditions that closely simulate the real CFA Exam experience.
  • Virtual Classes – online classes delve into the topics you’re most likely to struggle with, like fixed income, derivatives and ethics. Gold and Platinum only.
  • Online Mentoring – post your exam questions and get correct answers every time, within 24 hours of less, from experienced subject-expert instructors. Gold and Platinum only.
  • Final Review –  Take part in an “11th Hour Review Course” that includes in-depth review video, two added mock exams and the top-selling 11th Hour Guide content. You won’t want to pass this up! Platinum only.
  • Cutting-Edge Interface – You study at your own pace and can monitor every aspect of your progress with performance metrics and diagnostic tools.

And much more … check out all that Wiley’s CFA Review Course has to offer.

The Best Pass Guarantee

It wouldn’t be the ultimate CFA review experience if it didn’t come with the absolute best pass guarantee in the market. That’s right: Choose Wiley for your CFA Exam prep and enjoy 100% free course repeats and updates until you pass the CFA Exam.


All At The Best Price

Seriously. It’s not even close.Ultimate CFA Review Course

Take a Peek

Here’s a quick little video we put together highlighting some of the course’s cool features.


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