Wiley CFA Exam eBook

The Ultimate CFA Exam Quick Guide

To help you with your studies for 2017, Wiley’s CFA Exam Review team has put together a free 15-page eBook on exam tips and techniques to conquer the CFA exam. This free eBook includes a general outline of the Level I exam syllabus and goes over key concepts and tips you will need for all levels of the CFA exam. Plus, it includes detailed answers to your most frequently asked questions making it the ultimate CFA Exam reference.

Here are some of the many FAQs answered in this eBook:

  • “How many hours a week should I be studying?”
  • “About how many seconds per question do I have on the exam?”
  • “What is the % breakdown of the topics on the test?”
  • …and more!
  • Are you ready to learn how to tackle the CFA exam?

    Download the full How to Pass the CFA Exam eBook here.